Monday, May 11, 2009

Healthy Growing Boys!

About 7am I woke to a knock on my door and was told to get ready for fetal monitoring. Huh? They do fetal monitoring in my room. Did she mean ultrasound? I called James and told him what I knew. Then about 15 minutes later my CNA came in and said we were going down to ultrasound. I called James back and told him. The CNA trying to do something nice for us called down to ultrasound and asked if they could take someone else in front of us to give James enough time to get here. Well by 8:30 James had to go to court. By 10 he came back and left again at 12 to get lunch. Still no ultrasound. He came back about 12:45 and left again at 1:30 for work and then came back about 3:30. We were still waiting. Just as I'm ready to watch Ellen they come in with a wheelchair to take me down. Of course.

I love seeing those little guys! We got lots of good news. Baby head down!!! I am praying that he stays head down. With him head down, there's a chance that we can do a vaginal delivery. We saw A has hair. It was cool and we got a picture of it. It was like little white spikes that were coming off his head. A is measuring 3lbs 7oz. Whoa Baby! Baby B is still transverse but he flipped from my left side to right side and looks like he's trying to go head down. With their positions, there isn't much room in there but enough for B to make it head down. B also had hair. The tech was able to get a shot of his face and he had little chubby cheeks. My side of the family definitely has chubby cheeks so he might be stuck with those :) B is measuring 3lbs 9oz. Whoa Baby!! She said they are measuring the same as single babies would at 30/31 weeks. There's about 7lbs of baby in there. No wonder I feel so huge and uncomfortable.

As for me, the past couple of days I've gotten a terbutiline shot each time we were monitored. This morning, I didn't!! YAY! I think having the ultrasound upset my uterus because once we got back and I laid down, I was feeling some tightening and called the nurse. She put me on the monitor and immediately it picked up a contraction. In fact, these were the strongest contractions I've had thus far. The screen in my room doesn't have the line graph, just the numbers that go up and down. They like to see it stay around 10 but my contractions hit all the way up to 105 and they were coming like every 3 minutes. I knew with those I'd get the shot and I did. Thankfully it worked. I'm so happy the shot is still working. The boys love to show off when they put me on the monitor. They are definitely incredibly active. I love it!

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Becky said...

I can't imgane what your going through, and hope i never have to find out, yuck, hospital bed rest.

Sorry i can't visit, i totally would if i didn't live all the way down here in FL.

I can send you some magazines if you want, i got a ton, i just need to know where to send them! (leave me a note on my blog or email me!)