Sunday, March 27, 2011


I try very hard to make sure I prompt the boys to say Please and Thank you. I also try to make sure they hear me say both. Please caught on pretty quickly because they were signing it before they could say it so they got used to combining please with whatever they were asking for. They say please with most things without being reminded. Thank you has taken some hard work, especially with Lucas. Last night, Ethan asked for something and when I gave it to him, he said his version of Thank You without me saying a word. I was such a proud mommy at that moment! Very proud of him and reassured that what I'm doing is working.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Loving the Outside lately

Just so stinkin cute!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's in a name?

Ethan and Lucas were picked out long before their arrival. I wanted Lucas and Nathan but because of a stupid tv show (I really don't mean stupid b/c I love One Tree Hill(even with Lucas and Peyton gone) and it had nothing to do with picking out those names) James refused to let me use them. I've always loved the name Nathan and Lucas has been on my name list a long time too. James liked Lucas better than Nathan so he suggested Ethan to compromise. Looking at them now, of course they are a Lucas and Ethan.

It was a given that James would be Daddy & I would be Mommy. Bailey is sometimes doggy and sometimes Bay-eeeee. The grandparents kind of picked out their names. My dad didn't care so I went with Papaw b/c that's what we grew up calling our grandpa's. My stepmom then became Mamaw b/c it goes with Papaw. My mom wanted Granny. My MIL wanted Grandma Mrs. Brown (don't ask me why because I have no idea) so they took on Grandma & Grandpa. Now that the boys are talking, somewhat, they call people what they want. Papaw is sometimes Pa-aw and sometimes just Pa. Mamaw is usually ma-aw. Granny is Ganny. Grandma is Ganma and Grandpa is just Pa. Aunt Kelly is Ke-ey, Aunt Jennifer is Je and Uncle Griffin is Uh-cle.

They are picking up so many words and phrases it's pretty ridiculous and fun! Lucas can sing right along with the Imagination Movers "Jump Up" song and he usually does the motions too. Lucas is a big repeater and of course Monkey See Monkey Do is a given in this house. It's such an interesting age!

P.S. Easter is such a blessed holiday but geez, I hate seeing all the Easter candy out there. Makes it hard for a girl to eat what's good for her!!