Saturday, July 31, 2010

First Steps

Lucas took his first steps today. Several. Of course my camera battery is dead so I didn't get a chance to record it. I will try tomorrow. Apparently he just needs the right motivation. That boy loves any type of phone he can get his hands on. I was getting ready upstairs for a birthday party and James was playing with the boys. He called me to say that Lucas was wanting the iphone so James held it out and he walked over to grab the phone. It was only about 3 or 4 steps, but they were HIS FIRST STEPS. We are so proud. I was able to get him to do it a few more times. I know once they're both walking my world is going to be very different and I just might wish for the days when they weren't walking, but for now, I'm super excited!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


My two sons can climb up the stairs and Ethan can walk down backwards. HE CAN WALK DOWN THE STAIRS!!! Where did he learn this? He did it the other day and I thought it was a fluke. I was sitting on the couch and he was sitting with me then decided he wanted to get down so he turned around and scooted off the couch backwards. I mean seriously...where did he learn this?? I am happy they are learning and progressing, I'm just not prepared for some of this!!!

Another example....
This is going to sound unbelievable, however, I swear up and down this is exactly what I heard.
Ethan & I had a conversation the other day that went like this. Ethan was standing in front of the end table that had a foam ball and plastic cup sitting on top. Ethan said, "mama, ball" while pointing to the ball. I gave him the ball and he threw it down. Again, he said "mama, mama". I said, "no baby you can't have the cup". He said "ok" and turned around and sat down. He seriously made sounds that sounded exactly like it. I know they're not babies anymore, but this is way too grown up for me to handle!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

A New Career Path

Before Ethan & Lucas, I worked full time at a rehab clinic that helps reintroduce brain injury patients back into their daily life routines and the community. I loved it. The women I worked with were wonderful people and the work they do is amazing. At the first of the year, I started back working on Fridays. It was a good way to bring in a little extra money and get some appreciated adult time. I will continue to work on Fridays, but I have now signed up as a Thirty One Gifts consultant. I've been to several parties and hosted a catalog party of my own. After much thought and prayer, I knew this was a good choice for me. I am very excited about working for a company that is geared towards woman in a positive way, plus their products are ADORABLE!

You should check out their products on the online catalog. The new Fall/Winter catalog debut's August 1 so now is the last few days to take advantage of the fun summer catalog. My website:
If you see anything you'd like to order, just shoot me an email
Most of my blog mommies are too far away to host a house party, but an alternative is to host a catalog party. I'd send you a few catalogs or you'd view the online catalog and you'd have a month to take orders. The best part about it all, if you have a party that sells $250+ you earn free products. Ok, that's my shameless plug. I'm excited about this new adventure and will let you know how my first party goes :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

13 Months

I almost didn't realize the date today. First off, the boys are better. I guess it was just a nasty bug that passed through quickly. We did pass it off to Mamaw & Papaw though :( Sorry!
We had to wash their clothes after they got sick so Papaw was night enough to let them borrow some sleeveless shirts. Of course they were huge and had to be tied in knots to stay up but they were too funny/cute!!
Overall Changes:
No more bottles
All solid "big people" food
We finally got the convertible carseats out and installed
Eat 3 meals a day with snacks between allowing us to eat dinner as a family now


*Starting to walk more than crawl
*Will stand up and sit down without holding on to anything
*Is becoming more vocal
*Will say Mama to get my attention and will point to something along with saying Mama when he wants something
*Will say Dog or Bailey when he hears or see Bailey
*Loves food!
*Will dance to any kind of music he hears*Cries when I leave a room and/or throws a tantrum
*Gives Lucas hugs all the time!
*Refuses to sit in the bathtub
*Loves to wear sunglasses

*Says ball ALL-THE-TIME and points to balls anytime he sees them
*Crawls and cruises at the speed of light
*Does not want to be confined or immobile...he crawls all the time
*Talks about and points to everything
*Will now walk when holding on to just one hand instead of needing two to stabilize
*Refuses to sit in the bathtub
*Says dog when he hears or sees a dog on tv
*Likes to take sunglasses off his face

Monday, July 19, 2010

Lucas has a Molar!

Poor guy has been super fussy today. I just assumed it was because he still didn't feel good but nope. He has a molar that has just busted through. So now he has his two front top and two front bottom teeth along with a top molar. How strange. He's been so vocal this week. He's always talkative, but this week it seems more. Before bed last night, I was holding him and James was standing in front of us with a soccer shirt on. Lucas decided to point to the soccer ball and say ball. He kept doing it over and over reaching for the ball as if he could grab it. SO SWEET!

Ethan decided he was going to walk more than crawl today. He was super excited about it too. Thankfully, both boys (well all 3) are feeling better and were playful today. I am so so glad it was just a 24hr thing. Lucas slept longer during his afternoon nap so Ethan & I were playing downstairs and he was just walking all around. As terrifying as it is that he's going to be walking full time any day now, it really is so cute and exciting watching him learn. I just love these little guys so much!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Sweet Boys

All 3 of them are sick. James got sick in the middle of the night. I was hoping and praying that the boys and I wouldn't end up with it. Today was a very belated birthday dinner with my dad and family. I told him James was sick and he said if we hadn't gotten sick by the time we were ready to leave, come on over. So we packed up and left daddy at home to rest. Once we arrived at my dad's, the boys had lunch and proceeded to play. Then it turned nasty. One threw up and as soon as we got it cleaned up, the other one threw up. I am so thankful that I was at my dad's with help because had I been at home alone, I don't know what I would've done. We got them in the bathtub and they played in there a while. Of course, as soon as we get them out, they throw up again. Back in the tub they went. After a while, they seemed to get some of their color and playfulness back so we got them out, wrapped them in a tank top since their clothes were being washed and let them play. It's been a few hours now and THANKFULLY, no more pukey yet. They're down for a nap and appear to be sleeping good. Poor sweet boys. Checked in with James and he seemed to be sore and restless, but no more sick. I hope this was just a Mommyfree 24 hour bug. Be gone!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Under Construction

Ok, so maybe my husband is right, I'm never satisfied....with my blog template. I'm bored with it and want to play around some. If you come back and it's blank or crazy looking, it's just a stopping point until I find something I'm happy with :)

At What Point Are They Considered Walking?

If it's when they're taking steps many times a day and can go a distance before falling, then Ethan is walking. If it's when they prefer walking over crawling, then we do not have a walker. It's so adorable to watch him because he gets so excited. Lucas doesn't really pay much attention to him. Since he's doing it more often and not just randomly, I need to pop the camera out. We finally got a new computer so that's going to make it easier on me when pictures and updates!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010


Lucas has been our sweet little one that likes to share. He'll share his food, his toys, and his diapers. He'll hold out your hand and drop whatever he has for you. Ethan, not so much. Well, yesterday afternoon when James came in from work and sat down to play with the boys Ethan did something that was unexpected and extremely funny. Not to my liking, if Ethan sees a paci, he'll grab it and put it in his mouth. We usually only use it when going to bed or on long car rides. I try to keep one near by during the day in case someone is nonstop crying. When James sat down next to him Ethan decided he would share his paci. He took it right out of his own mouth and shoved it into his daddy's. It was hilarious and I think because of our reactions, he thought so too and continued to do it. James would say "Share" and he'd take it right out and pop it into daddy's mouth. This is a kid who will take a paci right out of his brothers mouth and not give it back so to share it, it was just too cute!

Ethan has also started taking a few unassisted steps. I think yesterday he took about 3 or 4. He's starting to become a little more confident. He's going to be walking soon, then I'm really in trouble!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Where did they learn this?

Or who?? Both boys, Ethan especially, have started throwing tantrums. Nice big temper tantrums! When I leave the room, when they want to be picked up, when I can't get their food to them fast enough, when they're tired. For any number of reasons they will just scream. I mean turn blood red in the face scream as loud as they possibly can with fists balled up. Where do my sweet babies go in these moments? I don't know but I want them back because it's just awful to watch.

They are loving all foods. It's so fun to watch them eat something new and like it. They're not walking unassisted yet, but we got them their first pair of shoes. At first they didn't like them but today Ethan changed his tune. He did this with his grandma first, then he did it with me. She put one shoe on and then took it off. He handed it to her and then lifted up his foot as if to say put it back on. Absolutely adorable!! This morning Lucas had a ball in his hand and handed to me while saying ball. That might count as his real first word ;)

I just love watching them grow!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Developments in the Brown House

We've had a lot going on since E&L's birthday party. The morning of their actual birthday Lucas started crawling a real crawl. He wasn't going any distance but he was up on all fours moving. The next day he started pulling himself up. He hasn't stopped. Now he's crawling distance. He doesn't do it super quickly, but I have two babies that will crawl and cruise in different directions. It's only the beginning, I know, because they'll be walking in different directions soon.

We've had A LOT of crying in the house lately. Why? Two teething children. Ethan's molars are coming in and Lucas has some to teeth trying to make their way through. We've all been a little bit crazy because of this.

WE ARE BOTTLE FREE!!! Last Saturday instead of taking a bottle of formula to start breakfast, the boys took a sippy cup of real milk. We did have to mix in a little bit of formula to get them to take the whole thing, but it worked. We won't have to wash any more Dr. Brown's bottle parts any more! We won't have to buy the giant size formula can anymore. Ah, the perks of toddlers :)