Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Where did they learn this?

Or who?? Both boys, Ethan especially, have started throwing tantrums. Nice big temper tantrums! When I leave the room, when they want to be picked up, when I can't get their food to them fast enough, when they're tired. For any number of reasons they will just scream. I mean turn blood red in the face scream as loud as they possibly can with fists balled up. Where do my sweet babies go in these moments? I don't know but I want them back because it's just awful to watch.

They are loving all foods. It's so fun to watch them eat something new and like it. They're not walking unassisted yet, but we got them their first pair of shoes. At first they didn't like them but today Ethan changed his tune. He did this with his grandma first, then he did it with me. She put one shoe on and then took it off. He handed it to her and then lifted up his foot as if to say put it back on. Absolutely adorable!! This morning Lucas had a ball in his hand and handed to me while saying ball. That might count as his real first word ;)

I just love watching them grow!


Jennifer said...

I have been going through this with only one of mine (so far!) and it's pretty rough. He does the same things that your little guys do. What frustrates me is when he is playing nicely, he will just look up at me and scream for no reason whatsoever! So frustrating for me!

Good luck - hopefully this phase passes quickly!

Amy said...

haha! welcome to toddlerhood, mommy! it comes out of no where doesn't it? the first time it happened in public was lovely! :)