Friday, July 9, 2010


Lucas has been our sweet little one that likes to share. He'll share his food, his toys, and his diapers. He'll hold out your hand and drop whatever he has for you. Ethan, not so much. Well, yesterday afternoon when James came in from work and sat down to play with the boys Ethan did something that was unexpected and extremely funny. Not to my liking, if Ethan sees a paci, he'll grab it and put it in his mouth. We usually only use it when going to bed or on long car rides. I try to keep one near by during the day in case someone is nonstop crying. When James sat down next to him Ethan decided he would share his paci. He took it right out of his own mouth and shoved it into his daddy's. It was hilarious and I think because of our reactions, he thought so too and continued to do it. James would say "Share" and he'd take it right out and pop it into daddy's mouth. This is a kid who will take a paci right out of his brothers mouth and not give it back so to share it, it was just too cute!

Ethan has also started taking a few unassisted steps. I think yesterday he took about 3 or 4. He's starting to become a little more confident. He's going to be walking soon, then I'm really in trouble!

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Alicea said...

Kyle took several steps today all by himself, too. It was so cute. After he did it once all on his own, I had him walk to me and he did it again. The proud look on his face was priceless!