Saturday, February 27, 2010

Big Belly - For Leigh

Jennifer, over at posted a very cute belly picture the other day. Her adorable boys were born just a few days after mine. I commented at how cute the belly was because I was so large and felt so uncute at the end. So, for fun, here's me and all my largeness for a comparison.
Two weeks before they were born

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

8 Months Oh My

We are 2/3's way through their first year. Wowzers! I am just so proud of them and all that they've accomplished in 8 short months. I love seeing their sweet smiles first thing in the morning and watching them learn new things each day.

What Ethan's up to these days...

-Rolling all over the place
-Scooting backwards to get where he wants to go
-Standing up holding on to things
-When you hold him under his arms, he takes a few steps
-Sort of drinking with a sippy cup
-Holding the bottle for every feeding
-Wants to grab the spoon & food when eating solids
-Sleeping on belly 50% of the time (as much as I wish he wouldn't)
-Saying dada dada dada but not really towards James just in babbling

What Lucas is up to....

-Scooting around backwards
-Standing up holding onto the couch
-Loves drinking from a sippy cup
-Holding the bottles for some feedings
-Wants to hold the spoon when you're feeding him
-Says dada frequently but not towards James
-Waves bye bye and says what sounds like "hey"

We gave them a few banana flavored Puffs the other day. They did pretty well with them although they did seem a bit confused by the texture. It was fun for me to watch.

Monday, February 22, 2010

My New Favorite Song

My very favorite band, through all music genres, is Barlow Girl. If you don't know them, get to know them!! They are a sister group and they are fabulous! Their harmonies magnify the beauty of their messages. I was listening to their latest album in the car yesterday and when I listened to their song Beautiful Ending, you can't not feel hope when you hear the song. Seriously. James and I have been given this beautiful gift to raise these precious boys. And really, as parents, all we can hope is that they will have a beautiful ending. That's what I want for us ALL. "At the end of it all I want to be in YOUR arms".

Saturday, February 20, 2010

8 Months & Baby Dedication

Today the boys are 8 months. Yes the time has flown by. There's no better way to spend this day than the boys being dedicated at church. Afterwards, the family and friends attending will be coming back to have dinner & cake. That means I need to clean. Will have to update what they're up to later.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My 1st Award :)

Thanks so much to CLML at And Baby Finally Makes Three, I have been given my first blogging award. Her sweet Gabriella is just a doll!! You should go check out how adorable she is.

  1. Mention who gave you the award and include a link back to their blog.
  2. List 7 interesting things about yourself.
  3. Pass on the award to 7 other people's blogs and include the links.
Listing 7 interesting things about myself is not easy because I don't think I'm very interesting but here goes...

1. Even though my dad is a twin, I never thought once we'd have twins. People say I should've expected it and to say I didn't consider it is naive. Nope, not me. Didn't expect it at all. Still not sure if I'm a believer that twins run in the family (my dad is identical and the boys are not).

2. I am three years older than my sister but when her hair is dark (she's a hairdresser and changes her hair color more often than the average joe) we get asked frequently if we are twins. Even at her bridal shower people were coming up to me and congratulating me. Uh, thanks but I'm not the bride. Here's a couple pics for you to decide.

3. I have a very blue vein that runs vertical under my left eye. For whatever reason, some days it's more visible than others. People tell me all the time that I have pen on my face when in actuality it's just the vein playing tricks.

4. I LOVE making jewelry!! I came across it a few years ago and find it to be the best creative outlet for me. It started off as a hobby but after requests I actually made enough to have a party that did really well. Of course I don't have time for that much right now, but I love picking out and designing pieces for my family and friends for birthdays and holidays. I never give away a piece I wouldn't proudly wear myself.

5. Overall, I'm a shy person. I grew up dancing, was in show choir and marching band and I don't have a problem performing for audiences. However, when it comes to talking to new people I am totally uncomfortable. Once I get to know you a bit I break out of my shell and we'll have a fun time. Thankfully my husband is the opposite so he makes it so much easier for me in those situations.

6. I can NOT fall asleep without the tv on. I guess I accidentally trained myself while in college, having the tv on when I was lying in bed to drown out the noise. Then once I graduated and moved back home, I slept in a windowless room in the basement so I would leave the tv on so there would be some kind of light in the room. Now when I attempt to fall asleep without the tv I will lay there for hours, literally, my mind on overload.

7. I purchased my wedding dress and started planning our wedding before we were "officially" engaged. That sounds crazy doesn't it? James & I agreed on when we were getting married before he ordered my ring and I found my dress and got it while it was on sale. We started planning in January but he didn't officially ask until March 2 (my grandmother's birthday) when the ring came in. He actually proposed the same place we got married. Churchill Downs.

So that's that. Interesting? Not really. But it is 7 things you probably didn't know.

To you 7 fabulous ladies, I bestow the Beautiful Blogging Award...
1. Shannon
2. Shannon
3. Bliss
4. Katie
5. Amy
6. Lindsey
7. Laney

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snowed In

Well, maybe not technically but it sure feels like it. I see no reason to get in the car and attempt to navigate the roads when it's not necessary- so we are stuck inside. Unfortunately, our families live about 40 minutes away. Normally it isn't a big deal but on days like this there are no visitors. The great thing about today was James came home from work at 10:30am. No one was in his office, the computers were down, and with the roads like they were, he wasn't able to drive around to the places he needed to go. Extra time with daddy is truly appreciated!! I hate that the boys don't get more time with him and of course I love all the time with him I can get. The days we hang around the house as a family of four, just us, is so special. So while many people complain, I am thankful for the snow today.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Night

Finally, the forecast was correct....Louisville got snow!! We got at least 7 inches, which may not sound like much, but it is a lot for us here. Typically, when they tell us we're getting snow, we're lucky to get a light dusting so we were excited. One mommy and two babies makes it hard to go out in the snow during the day. There's just not enough hands to go around. After dinner James wanted to take them out so we packed them in their snow suits and went out for a few minutes. It was dark and the wind was blowing the snow around so we I didn't spend much time out nor did I get good pictures, but we can still say we took them out.

Lucas was excited to get his suit on

Once he got outside though, he wasn't so sure

Ethan wanted to catch snowflakes on his tongue

Daddy trying to see if he'll eat the snow

"I don't know about this anymore"

I'm Done!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

7 Months (a tad late)

So I realize I'm a couple of weeks behind, but I still wanted to document their milestones/accomplishments for 7 months.


-Sits up completely alone and very steady.
-Can lean backwards onto James or I (like a 45 degree angle) and sit up straight by himself
-Still tries to sit upright from any laying or angled position. (bouncy seat/carseat/stroller)
-Puts everything in his mouth and chews like crazy
-Has his two front bottom teeth
-Holds bottle all by himself, unless he feels lazy :)
-Scoots as if trying to crawl while on belly
-Reaches for toys just out of his reach
-Passes toys back and forth between hands
-Loves Food!!! (have made it through all stage 1 foods with no dislikes)
-Reaches for big people food and drinks
-Learning to hold sippy cup
-Babbles and says mamamama and dadadada
-Loves playing in the bathtub
-Reaches for you when you ask "want up?"
-Reaches for Lucas with both hands/pulls Lucas' hair
-In 6-9 month clothing
**Since I'm a few weeks late I have a few more things to add that he's done in the last week.
-Rolls onto his belly in his crib
-Sleeps on his belly in his crib sometimes
-Rolls from back to belly and belly to back
-Started stage 2 foods
-Can stand alone while putting hands against couch


-Sits up on his on but can sometimes be unstable and wobbly
-Scoots backwards while on his belly
-Pulls his knees up under his belly in an attempt to crawl
-Reaches for toys just out of his reach
-Passes toys back and forth between hands
-Reaches for big people food and drinks
-Learning to hold sippy cup
-Puts his fist and thumb in his mouth
-Says mama and dada (but doesn't appear to associate those words with us yet)
-Reaches for the Doggy
-Turns around 180-360 degrees while on tummy
-Holds upper body up for long stretches of time while on tummy
-Rolls from back to belly & belly to back but only when the mood strikes
-Loves bathtime
-Reaches for Ethan with both hands, tries to nibble on him
-Holds out his hand when you say bye-bye
-Reaches up when you say "want up?"
-In 6-9 month clothing
**Within the last week.....
-Started stage 2 foods
-Can stand up alone when holding on to the couch

I think this is all that's going on. Mommy has been super scatterbrained this week!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Need YOUR Answers Please!!!

So James and I are wondering if our feeding routine needs to be changed up; we think it should. We're unsure of what changes need/should be made. We know the main goal is to have them eating food by one year so we're looking for suggestions on the smoothest way to achieve this goal.

This is what we are doing currently....
7:30-8am 7.5oz of formula
11:30-12pm 7oz formula, oatmeal mixed with fruit
3:30-4pm 7.5oz formula
7:30-8pm 7oz formula 1 container of fruit or vegetable

We feel like changes need to be made but we don't know if it's decrease amount of formula and increase food or what.
What do YOU do? We're at the point where we think we should begin stage 2 but we'd like to do it once we have adjusted their current routine. Advice PLEASE!!!