Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Need YOUR Answers Please!!!

So James and I are wondering if our feeding routine needs to be changed up; we think it should. We're unsure of what changes need/should be made. We know the main goal is to have them eating food by one year so we're looking for suggestions on the smoothest way to achieve this goal.

This is what we are doing currently....
7:30-8am 7.5oz of formula
11:30-12pm 7oz formula, oatmeal mixed with fruit
3:30-4pm 7.5oz formula
7:30-8pm 7oz formula 1 container of fruit or vegetable

We feel like changes need to be made but we don't know if it's decrease amount of formula and increase food or what.
What do YOU do? We're at the point where we think we should begin stage 2 but we'd like to do it once we have adjusted their current routine. Advice PLEASE!!!


CLML said...

Hi Babe! At about 6.5 months we introduced a 3rd meal to Gabriella. Here schedule goes like this:

6.30-7ish 7oz bottle
9-9.30ish 7oz bottle plus rice cereal (3 tbsp prior to mixing)
1-1.30ish 7oz bottle and fruit/veggie (level 1 due to size)
5.30-6ish 7-8oz and level 2 fruit or veggie

I think that she could probably move into eating a level 2 for lunc as well, but I would rather her take her whole bottle than eat more food any not take as much of her bottle. I think what you guys are doing is great. If you want a change, try throwing another veggie or fruit serving in the mid afternoon. This might make the boys take less formula overall, but not by much. Sounds like they are getting plenty. Gabriella has anywhere between 21-28oz per day.

Amy said...

hey girlie!

you might want to try adding a "meal." this is what we do:

wake (around 8): breastfeed
9:30: fruit w/ oatmeal
11-12: breastfeed
1:30: fruit & a veggie
3:30-4: breastfeed
6: veggie and a level 2 jar
bedtime (8-8:30) breastfeed

it's surprising how much water is actually mixed in with the baby foods, so don't be worried that they're getting dehydrated if they start takeing a little less in their bottles. that's a great indicator that they're getting ready for more and more solids! HTH! :)

Becky said...

Not sure if your checking this today, but go to this site, and you can get a free crayola roll thing for babie, just pay s&H $6!

The Lane Family said...

Sorry things have been crazy and I am just getting caught up.

I would add the third meal and then add or move up too the stage 2 foods. You will notice they may take less formula but that is okay because they are getting great nutrients in what you are feeding them.

You can also add a snack in there some where like biter biscuits and then eventually the Gerber graduates. This will also help.

You may also want to start having them play with a sippy at at least one meal time or snack time so they can start trying that. Just make sure and take out the plug so it is just free flowing.

This is what we did with Kaylee and with Aidan at this stage. Avery had GI issues so her routine was different.