Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Suck It, Bunny!!

So let me tell you about the Easter bunny at one of our local malls.
I had no intentions of taking the boys to see the bunny but James suggested it, so I did for Daddy. We got to the mall and got in the 2 person line. Apparently the lady telling people where to sit their children didn't notice the two boys we were walking towards the bunny who happened to be dressed alike because when I told her two, she was surprised. She told me immediately that they couldn't do two babies at once. The bunny is only able to hold one at a time. She said the costume is just too big to hold two infants. EXCUSE ME? The bunny who is just sitting there can't uncross her legs to let two sweet babies sink into the chair and lean back into her elbows? She then offered to take pictures of them separately for 2 packages worth of pictures. Uh, you want me to pay $25 x 2 because you don't want to hold both of them together. WTF? Come on now. I'm not stupid.

I really do consider myself a very nice person. I'm always concerned about others, wanting to make sure everyone is taken care of, never saying anything that I feel would be hurtful to others. However, I was cussing that lady up and down in my head. A friend of mine told me she too her twins to the other mall to see that bunny and aside from them being afraid of the bunny, they had no problem holding twins. Guess I picked the wrong bunny.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh What a Day!

Yesterday we had a very exciting moment and terrifying moment with Ethan. Accomplishment overshadowed by fear. My biggest FAIL moment as a parent.

During play time both boys were on the floor playing with a musical table (the only way I can describe it). I was picking up breakfast dishes and when I looked in the living room and was so proud of what I saw. ETHAN WAS CRAWLING!!! He's been close, scooting, and army crawling backwards. This time he was up on all fours moving forward. A real crawl. I was so proud of him. It's amazing how they just keep doing all these independent things. I need to be on my game even more now because he's on the move. Time to seriously baby proof. You hear that James?? Must be done like NOW.

So when it was time for afternoon nap, I took Ethan up first so he wouldn't get in to anything. When I got upstairs with Lucas, Ethan had started to pull himself up in his crib. This is where I go wrong. I picked him up, laid him back down on his back (I should've taken him out). I sat down in front of his crib to figure out how to lower the mattress. I guess Ethan wanted to know what I was doing because when I looked up, I saw a baby falling at me. Oh yes, I let my baby fall out of his crib. Worst moment of my life. I immediately scooped him up and started crying. How could I do this?? And of course all the worst possibilities go through my head. He has a brain injury. He's never going to be the same. I've broken my baby. Ethan cried all of about a minute. I cried longer than he did. I called my aunt who is a nurse and a friend from work (oh by the way I started working on fridays to bring in a little extra money). Work is a neurorehab program....we do therapy with brain injured patients. Makes sense why the first thing I thought was brain injury. She told me what to watch for but to her it sounded like he was just more scared than anything, otherwise he would've cried longer. Thank the good Lord he didn't get any bumps or indentions on his head. I watched him closely all day yesterday and he seemed absolutely fine. Today he seems absolutely normal so I guess he really is just fine. I still feel completely awful. I know stuff happens, but it doesn't make me feel any better. Needless to say I'm going to watch him like a hawk...more so than before. After I calmed down, you better believe I lowered that bed.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

9 Month Check-up

The boys hit 9 months on Saturday the 20th. Instead of taking them for 9 month pictures, I wanted to bust out James' work Nikon DSL and take them myself. LOVE that camera! We put them in their Easter outfits, took a few pictures, and then went shopping. We ended our outing with pizza. Pizza makes a me so happy! A nice day to celebrate 9 months of these two wonderful babies blessing our lives.Today we went to visit our favorite pedi for their well visit. Couldn't be happier with our dr choice. It was a good checkup. She was happy with their growth because it's been steady. Ethan is our long and lean boy. He's 29 inches long but only weighs 17lbs 14oz. Lucas is our short and chubby baby. He's 27 1/2 inches long but weighs 19lbs 2oz. One takes after daddy and the other takes after mommy. They're doing well with their milestones. Keeping me on my toes for sure.Both Ethan and Lucas pulled up completely on their own today. The pride and excitement on Ethan's face is enough to melt the coldest of hearts. It's amazing to see them do new things but I think this was one of the best moments because you could see, with both of them, that they realized they had done something big. This is just going to be the first of many moments like these. Moments that I'm excited for them to have and yet each of those moments mean my babies have grown up a little bit more.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Picture Overload

Monday, March 15, 2010

Roly Poly

I knew this would happen eventually....
We were wanting the boys to start rolling over knowing they'd be able to move around. Moving around seems like an understatement. Lucas still only rolls when it suits him but Ethan doesn't sit still anymore. Tonight, changing his dirty diaper became a two man job. Getting him dressed takes about 10 minutes. You lay him down, he's on his belly in seconds. You roll him over, unsnap the onesie, he's onhis belly. You get him on his back again, start to take the onesie off and he's on his belly again. 9 times out of 10 it's funny. There's always that 1 time that is such a struggle that makes you want to scream.

Ethan's sleeping on his belly. It took me a while to get used to it and be comfortable with it because of all the crazy warnings you get about babies on their bellies. Guess what doc, he likes sleeping on his belly. He's comfortable there and even if I move him, he rolls right back so what are you gonna do? He wins. As soon as you put him down in the crib on his back, he rolls right over. The past week or so he's been getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth. He really wants to crawl! He must find being on all fours easier in the crib that on the floor because he's found on all fours more so in his crib. He's all smiles about it though. When we walk in to get him up from sleeping, he always greets you with an ear to ear smile.

Lucas is funny. He laughs A LOT. He has such a sweet smile (still completely toothless). He's smart but lazy. He only does what he needs to do to get what he wants. Prime example...finger foods. He's perfectly capable of getting food to his mouth via his own hands. However, he prefers to make you do it. I'll put a puff or yogurt melt in my hand for him to grab but he doesn't grab it. He can. He has. But instead he takes his mouth to my hand and picks it up with his mouth. Smart. Gets what he wants but doesn't want to put it in his mouth on his own. Lazy :)

We're having issues with sharing. Thankfully, Lucas doesn't mind sharing. Ethan thinks all toys are his and if he sees a toy being held out for Lucas or sees Lucas playing with something he reaches out and steals it. He takes things right out of Lucas' hands. Sometimes Lucas takes it back but most of the time he just finds a different toy. I'm glad Lucas deals with it this way instead of crying....which I know is going to come soon enough. Lucas does however, cry when Ethan is being held by Mommy and he's left sitting. They are definitely showing signs of jealousy. I find that hard to deal with some times because I do not want to show favor to one over the other or unknowingly neglect one. This is my biggest struggle with twins. I'm always wondering if I'm not spending enough time or giving enough attention to one. I know I'm doing the best I can and it will work itself out, but it doesn't stop me from worrying.

Aside from being down sick for 5 days with sinus crap, that's what's been going on around our house. Oh and minivan shopping. Oh yes, it is happening. Eventually we will be proud owners of a Honda Odyssey. I'm excited for space!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Blogger...Oh how I've missed you!

Thanks to a few moments with the hubby and an earlier bedtime, I have neglected my computer time. The babies are asleep and the hubby's working late, time for some wine and chit chat.
There have been A LOT of new things happening with my brownie babies. Changes I am not ready for. Nope. NOT AT ALL!!

The boys are going from a sitting position to their bellies. They are moving around and scooting way too much! Not crawling but they definitely know how to get to where they want to go. Ethan seems a bit more interested in doing this than Lucas though. They are pulling up when you let them hold your fingers. Haven't really tried to pull up on anything else but it's a great start. Let me just tell you, Ethan gets so excited and proud every single time he pulls up. It's so adorable. Lucas has figured out how to get us to help him stand up...such a smarty. He will straighten out his body and go stiff so that you basically have no option but to stand him up b/c if you lay him down, he cries still you stand him up. He really likes standing up. He'll bounce/jump in place while he's standing...while someone holds his waist. Lucas has gotten really good and stable while sitting. For a long while his round belly made it hard for him to stabilize but no longer. Tonight, Ethan got up on all fours and started rocking back and forth for about a minute before he went down to his tummy. This boy is going to be zooming around the house in no time. I am not ready for this!!!! Where are my babies? Oh wait, they're 8.5 months old.

Ethan is getting two top teeth. Ethan is going to have 4 teeth before Lucas even gets one!! Although, we do think Lucas is starting to teethe. He's been moody, wants everything in his mouth and has started to head bang. He'll bang his head on the carpet when he's on his tummy, he'll bang his head against me when I'm holding him, he bangs his head. I read that this is common during teething. Really? Have you heard of head banging babies that didn't belong to rocker parents? James has a co-worker that has twins 2.5 yrs old and one of their twins did the same thing. I hope it stops asap. We've come close to having a broken nose more than once.

Ethan has been able to take his diaper off by pulling open the tabs for quite a while now. He just likes grabbing at things. You see where this is going?? He now likes pulling on his well, little Ethan I guess you can call it. Any time his diaper is off, and believe me diaper changes have gotten a lot faster around here, he goes straight for it. I tell him NO and kind of tap at his hand but he laughs or smiles real big. We're going to be in big trouble with this one!

We've started finger foods. It is so entertaining to watch them eat the Puffs. Sometimes they can get them to their mouths alone, sometimes the need some help. They also love eating pieces of banana. I cut one up in pieces and they had no problems scarfing them up! I was so proud. They are just sweet happy babies and I LOVE IT!!!