Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh What a Day!

Yesterday we had a very exciting moment and terrifying moment with Ethan. Accomplishment overshadowed by fear. My biggest FAIL moment as a parent.

During play time both boys were on the floor playing with a musical table (the only way I can describe it). I was picking up breakfast dishes and when I looked in the living room and was so proud of what I saw. ETHAN WAS CRAWLING!!! He's been close, scooting, and army crawling backwards. This time he was up on all fours moving forward. A real crawl. I was so proud of him. It's amazing how they just keep doing all these independent things. I need to be on my game even more now because he's on the move. Time to seriously baby proof. You hear that James?? Must be done like NOW.

So when it was time for afternoon nap, I took Ethan up first so he wouldn't get in to anything. When I got upstairs with Lucas, Ethan had started to pull himself up in his crib. This is where I go wrong. I picked him up, laid him back down on his back (I should've taken him out). I sat down in front of his crib to figure out how to lower the mattress. I guess Ethan wanted to know what I was doing because when I looked up, I saw a baby falling at me. Oh yes, I let my baby fall out of his crib. Worst moment of my life. I immediately scooped him up and started crying. How could I do this?? And of course all the worst possibilities go through my head. He has a brain injury. He's never going to be the same. I've broken my baby. Ethan cried all of about a minute. I cried longer than he did. I called my aunt who is a nurse and a friend from work (oh by the way I started working on fridays to bring in a little extra money). Work is a neurorehab program....we do therapy with brain injured patients. Makes sense why the first thing I thought was brain injury. She told me what to watch for but to her it sounded like he was just more scared than anything, otherwise he would've cried longer. Thank the good Lord he didn't get any bumps or indentions on his head. I watched him closely all day yesterday and he seemed absolutely fine. Today he seems absolutely normal so I guess he really is just fine. I still feel completely awful. I know stuff happens, but it doesn't make me feel any better. Needless to say I'm going to watch him like a hawk...more so than before. After I calmed down, you better believe I lowered that bed.


Becky said...

OMG i would of freaked too! I did a similar thing. I put Nick in his toddler seat, but he stillneeds the straps, but i forgot to buckle it and he tumbled out right on his stomache and hit the groung. It was only about 6 inches off the ground but i freaked out and cried longer than he did too,oops!!!!

my best friend's 7mnth old baby just rolled off the couch the other day and she freaked out, and he was fine too!!

Alicea said...

Oh no - glad to hear he's ok!! I'm sure he was more scared than anything.

We lowered our crib mattress a few weekends ago when Kyle started crawling backwards because we knew forward was coming soon (although he still hasn't). He's starting to grow an interest in pulling up on things, but hasn't done that yet either. Good luck with the baby proofing!! My gate should be here from Amazon soon.

Oh - the 3 column looks great!!

Shannon said...

Awww, Im glad he is ok and dont beat yourself up about it- accidents happen to all of us!

The Lane Family said...

I am glad he is okay and I must say that as parents it seems like our children are constantly testing our hearts and they try new things that they think are fine but they are not so fine.

That is so cute that Ethan is crawling but you better start that baby proofing tonight and your lives are going to get a little bit busier but even better :)

Katie said...

Oh I feel for you, but glad to hear he's doing fine! I've had a few parenting-fails myself, and i just keep repeating a quote from a comedian I once heard- "babies are engineered to survive even the clumsiest of parents." Don't beat yourself up too bad over it, but definitely start the baby proofing! Your boys are so adorable and growing so fast!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I won't detail anything, but I've had a couple of heart-stopping moments in our girls' 14 months. I consider myself a very cautious and astute parent, but stuff happens to the best of us sometimes.

Whenever something has happened, even if it's just a tumble (both girls are walking now), I watch them closely to see how long they cry. They usually stop within a matter of seconds; they're more scared than anything, and once I take their mind off it (by singing a song or making a silly face) they start laughing.

Hang in there and break out the video camera for some crawling pics!