Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well the much anticipated bedding arrived and boy was I excited to open the box. Then it happened. The disappointment. It was not what I thought it was going to be. It was supposed to be blue and brown and it was a turquoise/green color and the brown was a orange brown. It was not little boy bedding. It was definitely little girl bedding. James thought it looked fine. I took the diaper stacker to work today to get a few opinions from the girls at work. Before even voicing my concerns, I got the same reactions from them. They thought it was too feminine for little boys. That settled it. I'm sending them back.

So it's time to start over. Get a brand new idea for the nursery and any decor for it. I originally said I didn't want any kind of theme or anything too cutsie. Well, I found another bedding set at Babies R Us that I really like and it has an animal involved and is very cute. We're going tomorrow to look at it in person and hopefully this one is as cute as I'm hoping it is. I guess since the first idea I had didn't work out, I want to do something in the opposite direction. If I really like it tomorrow, I'll definitely post some pictures.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

19 weeks-ish

We hit 19 weeks on Thursday. It's crazy to think we're half way over. I guess with twins, we could be more than half way there. Monday was also the day our baby bedding was shipped. YAY!! It will be here on Monday. The babies are Mangos this week. Maybe that's why my belly is getting so big. I have a couple of pics to post of the 18 and 19 week belly so I'll try to get those on here asap.

Thanks to Bliss's suggestion, I'm sleeping again painfree!! Oh it feels good to sleep. I think getting sleep has also helped with the moodiness. Poor James witnessed a crazy person this week. Luckily, I feel much better, more in control of my emotions.

I'm feel the babies more now. It's such a wonderful and amazing feeling. This morning while I was laying awake at 6 am they were active for a bit and I put my hand on my belly to see if maybe you could feel it from the outside (James of course is anxious to feel them). I thought I felt it outside. Then I got to thinking, since I know where it was and felt it on the inside, maybe I really didn't feel it from the outside. I don't know. After that instance, they stopped so I didn't try to wake James up. I really want him to be able to feel them. I had a dream friday night of labor and delivery. I had to laugh when I woke up because I didn't feel any pain and barely even pushed and they both basically slid out. Last night I had a dream that they were already here and they were standing in their cribs with smiles on their faces when I walked in their room. Eventhough it was just a dream, the abundance of joy and love I feel is so real.

When the bedding arrives Monday, we'll get started on the room. Right now the nursery is a tan color and if it matches the bedding well enough, I think I'd rather just leave it and get a stencil that is close to the bedding pattern, damask, and use it as an accent. If not, I guess we'll paint the whole room. I'm just excited to get started. We've found a double stroller with matching carseats so we're ready to get that. I think we've picked out the rest of the "big" items so we're going to register soon. It's going to be overwhelming, but fun. So much exciting stuff going on....I love it!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Can't Sleep

Over the past few days I haven't been able to sleep well at all. People keep telling me to get use to it. I realize I will not sleep now like I did pre-pregnancy, but I just need to get some rest. My main problem right now is hip pain. I never slept on my back before, but now that I can't, I wish I could. I wake up in pain from laying on my hips. Sometimes using a pillow works but sometimes it doesn't. I have slept maybe 4 hours over the last two days. It's really hard to function off 2 hours of sleep a day when you have two babies draining what energy you do have. Has anyone found a trick or pillow that they love that just makes sleeping so much more comfortable? At this point I would pay anything because I am not ready to move to a recliner to sleep. I only have the pain at night and then after I'm up for an hour or so it fades away. Please tell me your secrets or that you're going through the same thing and I'll just realize it's a part of this wonderful pregnancy journey. UGH!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

We Have Names!!!

I told James the only thing I wanted for Valentine's day was to name our boys. We've been discussing the same two names since we found out they were boys, but hadn't said "these are their names". We celebrated Vday on Friday because we didn't want to fight any crowds on Saturday and decided to have my cousin and her family over to hang out Saturday night. I gave James his gift on Friday. I took two of the ultrasound pictures from Thursday and put them in a frame with a poem I wrote called "Our Daddy". He said he really liked it. I hope he did. I loved it! I wanted my present on Friday but he wouldn't give it to me.

Saturday afternoon I couldn't take it anymore. I asked him for my present and so we had the talk. We have chosen Ethan Michael, Michael after my dad, and Lucas Russell, Russell after his dad. We're very happy and excited about them both. We told our parents today and my dad cried. He's so cute. We were asked if we were going to say Baby A is one name and Baby B is the other. We talked about it and figured since there are two babies in there moving around, we wouldn't be able to keep track of which is which so we'll just decide which baby gets which name when they're born. But as far as we're concerned, our boys have names!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

18 weeks and MOODY!

Yesterday we had our 4 week check up with my regular OB office. (last week's ultrasound was with the high risk dr) When I stepped up on the scale I thought I saw a number that I didn't see, thankfully. I've only gained 5 pounds this pregnancy! YAY! I'm sure that's going jump drastically but as of now, I'm happy. The belly has popped out quite a bit over the last week or two. I did find out that eating Lucky Charms and drinking lots of OJ before an early morning dr's appointment isn't smart because the urine sample they take has lots of sugar in it. Ah well, you live you learn. The doctor kind of chuckled at my cereal choice, but it was what I was feeling when we went to the grocery. She said everything else looked good. She tried to hear both heartbeats but she couldn't tell if she was hearing the same heartbeat twice or two separate beats since it was coming from the same area. So...........we got another ultrasound. It was a quickie, but we got to see those beautiful boys on the screen and to hear the wonderful sound of their hearts beating. Since we were there just to hear their hearts, we were in there less than 10 minutes total, but she did give us good profile pics of each baby. I'll try to scan those in this weekend.

Overall, I've been feeling great. I've been able to stay up a little bit later and get more things done around the house than before. My appetite is definitely healthy and there are definitely no food aversions. I've not had any "real" cravings since the Crazy Bread, but food sounds good all the time. Sleeping is interrupted just about every 2 hours each night. Not necessarily to use the bathroom, but to turn and readjust myself/pillows and drink some water. One thing I've noticed over the last couple of days is that I've been moody. Yesterday I was yelling at the stupid drivers on the road. The entire way home it was like I got stuck behind several different people that didn't even deserve to have a driver's license. I came home and just let James have it over something just stupid. He, being the wonderful and understanding husband he is, let it roll off his back and just took care of me. It took a while to mellow out and thankfully he was right there with me. This morning on the way to work I was listening to the radio and there wasn't a particular song playing, I just started to tear up. For no reason at all. It happened twice on the way to work. Then, this afternoon at work, we had a patient come in who was very upset with me because I didn't tell his therapist he had some tests scheduled this morning and she called him while he was at the hospital. He was snippy with me and although I shouldn't have been, I gave it right back to him. I was definitely feeling angry and had there not been someone else in the lobby, I would've gotten nasty with him. His therapist wasn't there yesterday and I hadn't seen her this morning before she called him so there's that, but he had me fuming. I'm normally not at all like that. I knew at that point, the hormones had me going. It's so weird.

I made James a special Valentine's present that I'll have to take a picture of and post after I get it. So cute (I think)!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

An Exciting Few Days

Thursday was filled with a lot of excitement. It was wonderful to see our babies again and amazing to find out they're boys. It's so crazy to know what they are. They are our boys. They're brothers. It just takes everything to a new level and it's fantastic! After we had lunch we went to Babies R Us to look around. We looked at double strollers, high chairs, and play pens. As we were headed out, I wanted to check the clothes to see what they had for boys. I came across the cutest little sleeper and decided that we had to buy them their first outfit the day we found out they were boys. Even though I'm thinking that I don't want to make them match all the time, I did buy the same one for them. The picture I have isn't great but it shows the print. It has little froggie faces on the feet. So cute!!

After we left Babies R Us, we came home to look online at cribs and bedding. We ordered the blue bedding that I found a few weeks ago and loved. We're waiting on it to arrive since none of our local stores carried it. Here's a reminder of what we picked out.

We also talked names. We haven't officially decided on anything yet, but we're close. I'll take any suggestions you have though. We found the crib we wanted on sale at Target so we met his family for dinner and afterwards, we went to pick up the cribs. We left with two cribs and a changing table. Needless to say, after buying two sets of bedding, two cribs and a changing table, Thursday turned out to be an expensive day. Here's the crib. I think it will look great with the bedding. The only other major nursery decision we need to make will be the color. Once the bedding comes in, we'll take it to the paint store with us to look around.

Friday I decided that I can feel the babies move. I'm no longer dismissing the feelings I've had lately. I was talking to a girl at work and explaining to her what I'd been feeling and she agreed that it sounded like the babies. I'm definitely not questioning it anymore because when we were walking from our car to church this morning, one of those boys was definitely kicking. It was unmistakeable. I just had the biggest smile on my face. It is the best feeling ever! James said I was making it up and until he could feel it, he wasn't going to believe me. He's so cute. You can tell he's just loving these little babies and he's going to make the best father! There was never any question before but seeing how he is now, it just confirms it further. Aside from being sick with sinus stuff-not being able to breathe, it has been the best couple of days ever!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

We're going to have our hands full!!

We had such an amazing experience today. We got to the Maternal and Fetal Medicine office at 9:30 to fill out paperwork and about 10:10 our ultrasound tech took us back. It's funny because her name is Jeannie too. She spent a little over an hour scanning and measuring the babies. After she asked me how far along I am, 17 weeks today, she asked if we knew the sex yet. We said no and she asked if we'd like to know and I immediately snapped Definitely! That was the first thing she did, determine the sex of both. At first she couldn't get a good look then bam, the money shot! Baby A is a boy. Then she found baby B and immediately we got a good flash. Baby B is a boy. Two boys!! We won't be able to find out if they're identical until birth. We are super excited. Since I didn't really have a feeling, I didn't feel any disappointment or anything except joy when we found out. The measurements on both boys look great. They're healthy and their hearts are still strong: Baby A 154 bpm, Baby B 162 bpm. They both are weighing about 5 ounces and are very close in size. The doctor came in to look at a few things, including my cervix which looks good, and she said there were a few things/details that they couldn't see as well as they'd like to so we go back in 4 weeks to have another ultrasound. We get to see our boys in exactly 1 month from today. Baby B was kicking all around and it looked like he was kicking his brother in the head. We really are going to have our hands full.....but our hearts will be overfilled with love!

We're having BOYS!!!

The crib we picked out is on sale so we're going to buy them tonight. I'm also going to order the bedding today too! How exciting. Things feel like they're at a whole new level!! What a wonderful blessing :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Big Day

Tomorrow is the big day. We're hoping/praying to find out our babies are healthy and growing. I can't wait to see them and hear them again! We're also hoping to find out what they are. The poll seems is in favor of girl/boy combo. That would be wonderful, but the idea of two boys or two girls is exciting. I wish I had a feeling, but I definitely don't. A girl at work says she usually gets a feeling/vibe off of women but she's getting nothing from me, which she thought meant it would be one of each. We will see, please babies let us see :) I am anxious to really get into a discussion on names. Oh it's such an exciting time!!! I will let you know what we know as soon as I get to a computer. Pray for the babies :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Milestone??

Last night my sister and her boyfriend came over for dinner and to play games. We fixed Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwiches. They were yummy! I told James I wanted to try one new recipe a week. I'm not a fan of cooking, but recently, I've become very interested in it. So that was our first try at something new. They were very good. We made them similar to what you'd get at Penn Station. Anyway, there was lettuce on them. When I finished eating and was about to get up, I realized that there was a piece of lettuce sitting on my belly. Apparently I have reached the stage in my pregnancy where my belly is big enough to catch food. Of course they all found it funny and I did too, but I was also like "Man, this is how it starts." I feel big but I didn't honestly believe I was that big yet :)