Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well the much anticipated bedding arrived and boy was I excited to open the box. Then it happened. The disappointment. It was not what I thought it was going to be. It was supposed to be blue and brown and it was a turquoise/green color and the brown was a orange brown. It was not little boy bedding. It was definitely little girl bedding. James thought it looked fine. I took the diaper stacker to work today to get a few opinions from the girls at work. Before even voicing my concerns, I got the same reactions from them. They thought it was too feminine for little boys. That settled it. I'm sending them back.

So it's time to start over. Get a brand new idea for the nursery and any decor for it. I originally said I didn't want any kind of theme or anything too cutsie. Well, I found another bedding set at Babies R Us that I really like and it has an animal involved and is very cute. We're going tomorrow to look at it in person and hopefully this one is as cute as I'm hoping it is. I guess since the first idea I had didn't work out, I want to do something in the opposite direction. If I really like it tomorrow, I'll definitely post some pictures.


Katie said...

That's too bad - that bedding was way cute in the picture - too bad the picture wasn't 'quite right.' Good luck! We also ended up with a bedding BRU carries that we could touch/see before buying it, and my 'no theme chic girly room' will now be covered in butterflies. =) GL! Can't wait to see the new bedding!

Shannon said...

Oh hun, Im sorry about the bedding (and sorry Im late to reading the blog) Let me know how you liked the new bedding at BRU!