Sunday, February 8, 2009

An Exciting Few Days

Thursday was filled with a lot of excitement. It was wonderful to see our babies again and amazing to find out they're boys. It's so crazy to know what they are. They are our boys. They're brothers. It just takes everything to a new level and it's fantastic! After we had lunch we went to Babies R Us to look around. We looked at double strollers, high chairs, and play pens. As we were headed out, I wanted to check the clothes to see what they had for boys. I came across the cutest little sleeper and decided that we had to buy them their first outfit the day we found out they were boys. Even though I'm thinking that I don't want to make them match all the time, I did buy the same one for them. The picture I have isn't great but it shows the print. It has little froggie faces on the feet. So cute!!

After we left Babies R Us, we came home to look online at cribs and bedding. We ordered the blue bedding that I found a few weeks ago and loved. We're waiting on it to arrive since none of our local stores carried it. Here's a reminder of what we picked out.

We also talked names. We haven't officially decided on anything yet, but we're close. I'll take any suggestions you have though. We found the crib we wanted on sale at Target so we met his family for dinner and afterwards, we went to pick up the cribs. We left with two cribs and a changing table. Needless to say, after buying two sets of bedding, two cribs and a changing table, Thursday turned out to be an expensive day. Here's the crib. I think it will look great with the bedding. The only other major nursery decision we need to make will be the color. Once the bedding comes in, we'll take it to the paint store with us to look around.

Friday I decided that I can feel the babies move. I'm no longer dismissing the feelings I've had lately. I was talking to a girl at work and explaining to her what I'd been feeling and she agreed that it sounded like the babies. I'm definitely not questioning it anymore because when we were walking from our car to church this morning, one of those boys was definitely kicking. It was unmistakeable. I just had the biggest smile on my face. It is the best feeling ever! James said I was making it up and until he could feel it, he wasn't going to believe me. He's so cute. You can tell he's just loving these little babies and he's going to make the best father! There was never any question before but seeing how he is now, it just confirms it further. Aside from being sick with sinus stuff-not being able to breathe, it has been the best couple of days ever!!


Shannon said...

The bedding is going to look great with the crib!! I cannot even imagine how amazing it is to feel life growing and moving inside of you, I had a huge smile on my face reading that:-)

Katie said...

Love the bedding, and I think it will look great with the crib! Congrats again on your boys!