Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Can't Sleep

Over the past few days I haven't been able to sleep well at all. People keep telling me to get use to it. I realize I will not sleep now like I did pre-pregnancy, but I just need to get some rest. My main problem right now is hip pain. I never slept on my back before, but now that I can't, I wish I could. I wake up in pain from laying on my hips. Sometimes using a pillow works but sometimes it doesn't. I have slept maybe 4 hours over the last two days. It's really hard to function off 2 hours of sleep a day when you have two babies draining what energy you do have. Has anyone found a trick or pillow that they love that just makes sleeping so much more comfortable? At this point I would pay anything because I am not ready to move to a recliner to sleep. I only have the pain at night and then after I'm up for an hour or so it fades away. Please tell me your secrets or that you're going through the same thing and I'll just realize it's a part of this wonderful pregnancy journey. UGH!!


Bliss04 said...

i went through the same thing right around 18 weeks. i realized the only place i was comfortable was on my back. so i propped a pillow on one side under part of my back to give me a bit of a "tilt" so i wasn't laying flat, but i still felt like i was. it really helped me, and i'm sleeping better these days. still not great, but better!

Katie said...

I highly recommend the Leachco Back 'N Belly pillow from Amazon. It takes a couple days to get used to, but now the only thing that wakes me up at night is when I have to tell DH to get off the side of my pillow so I can sleep on my other side. It takes up a good about of room though - a king size bed is pretty much a must and even then DH says he doesn't like it because he feels 'cramped' (keep in mind he usually sleeps in the middle of the bed and likes to snuggle, so now that he's stuck on his half he doesn't like it!).

Shannon said...

Hey love!

Im sorry you are having trouble sleeping, hope you find a way to sleep better soon!