Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Milestone??

Last night my sister and her boyfriend came over for dinner and to play games. We fixed Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwiches. They were yummy! I told James I wanted to try one new recipe a week. I'm not a fan of cooking, but recently, I've become very interested in it. So that was our first try at something new. They were very good. We made them similar to what you'd get at Penn Station. Anyway, there was lettuce on them. When I finished eating and was about to get up, I realized that there was a piece of lettuce sitting on my belly. Apparently I have reached the stage in my pregnancy where my belly is big enough to catch food. Of course they all found it funny and I did too, but I was also like "Man, this is how it starts." I feel big but I didn't honestly believe I was that big yet :)


Shannon said...

Your belly is multi-functional, I love it! :)

Shannon said...

Awww your too cute!

Jennifer said...

i was there to see it! it makes me feel special to be a part of your blog lol. next time, you should eat a bowl of cereal off of your stomach!