Friday, February 13, 2009

18 weeks and MOODY!

Yesterday we had our 4 week check up with my regular OB office. (last week's ultrasound was with the high risk dr) When I stepped up on the scale I thought I saw a number that I didn't see, thankfully. I've only gained 5 pounds this pregnancy! YAY! I'm sure that's going jump drastically but as of now, I'm happy. The belly has popped out quite a bit over the last week or two. I did find out that eating Lucky Charms and drinking lots of OJ before an early morning dr's appointment isn't smart because the urine sample they take has lots of sugar in it. Ah well, you live you learn. The doctor kind of chuckled at my cereal choice, but it was what I was feeling when we went to the grocery. She said everything else looked good. She tried to hear both heartbeats but she couldn't tell if she was hearing the same heartbeat twice or two separate beats since it was coming from the same area. So...........we got another ultrasound. It was a quickie, but we got to see those beautiful boys on the screen and to hear the wonderful sound of their hearts beating. Since we were there just to hear their hearts, we were in there less than 10 minutes total, but she did give us good profile pics of each baby. I'll try to scan those in this weekend.

Overall, I've been feeling great. I've been able to stay up a little bit later and get more things done around the house than before. My appetite is definitely healthy and there are definitely no food aversions. I've not had any "real" cravings since the Crazy Bread, but food sounds good all the time. Sleeping is interrupted just about every 2 hours each night. Not necessarily to use the bathroom, but to turn and readjust myself/pillows and drink some water. One thing I've noticed over the last couple of days is that I've been moody. Yesterday I was yelling at the stupid drivers on the road. The entire way home it was like I got stuck behind several different people that didn't even deserve to have a driver's license. I came home and just let James have it over something just stupid. He, being the wonderful and understanding husband he is, let it roll off his back and just took care of me. It took a while to mellow out and thankfully he was right there with me. This morning on the way to work I was listening to the radio and there wasn't a particular song playing, I just started to tear up. For no reason at all. It happened twice on the way to work. Then, this afternoon at work, we had a patient come in who was very upset with me because I didn't tell his therapist he had some tests scheduled this morning and she called him while he was at the hospital. He was snippy with me and although I shouldn't have been, I gave it right back to him. I was definitely feeling angry and had there not been someone else in the lobby, I would've gotten nasty with him. His therapist wasn't there yesterday and I hadn't seen her this morning before she called him so there's that, but he had me fuming. I'm normally not at all like that. I knew at that point, the hormones had me going. It's so weird.

I made James a special Valentine's present that I'll have to take a picture of and post after I get it. So cute (I think)!!!


Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

Glad to hear the appetite is back - mine is, too! And I'm thrilled not to have any more aversions either. I toss and turn at night, too - I get up at least once to pee and the rest is flipping over from side to side, or catching myself on my back and turning to the side.

I hope you and James have a great Valentine's Day today!!!

Shannon said...

Im glad you're appetite is back and that you're feeling pretty good, thats great! I cant wait to see the new US pic!

I hope you had a good Valentine's Day, I will talk to you soon!

jenny said...

Hi Jeannie! I caught up on the baby news, and let me just say, I am so excited for you! I was almost in tears reading some of the things you wrote. I'm so thankful, and not surprised, that God has blessed you and James with these boys. I pray that you and the boys continue to remain healthy and happy, and that James maintains the strength to help you through your moodiness! :) I would love to see you soon! :)