Sunday, February 22, 2009

19 weeks-ish

We hit 19 weeks on Thursday. It's crazy to think we're half way over. I guess with twins, we could be more than half way there. Monday was also the day our baby bedding was shipped. YAY!! It will be here on Monday. The babies are Mangos this week. Maybe that's why my belly is getting so big. I have a couple of pics to post of the 18 and 19 week belly so I'll try to get those on here asap.

Thanks to Bliss's suggestion, I'm sleeping again painfree!! Oh it feels good to sleep. I think getting sleep has also helped with the moodiness. Poor James witnessed a crazy person this week. Luckily, I feel much better, more in control of my emotions.

I'm feel the babies more now. It's such a wonderful and amazing feeling. This morning while I was laying awake at 6 am they were active for a bit and I put my hand on my belly to see if maybe you could feel it from the outside (James of course is anxious to feel them). I thought I felt it outside. Then I got to thinking, since I know where it was and felt it on the inside, maybe I really didn't feel it from the outside. I don't know. After that instance, they stopped so I didn't try to wake James up. I really want him to be able to feel them. I had a dream friday night of labor and delivery. I had to laugh when I woke up because I didn't feel any pain and barely even pushed and they both basically slid out. Last night I had a dream that they were already here and they were standing in their cribs with smiles on their faces when I walked in their room. Eventhough it was just a dream, the abundance of joy and love I feel is so real.

When the bedding arrives Monday, we'll get started on the room. Right now the nursery is a tan color and if it matches the bedding well enough, I think I'd rather just leave it and get a stencil that is close to the bedding pattern, damask, and use it as an accent. If not, I guess we'll paint the whole room. I'm just excited to get started. We've found a double stroller with matching carseats so we're ready to get that. I think we've picked out the rest of the "big" items so we're going to register soon. It's going to be overwhelming, but fun. So much exciting stuff going on....I love it!!


Shannon said...

I cant believe you're almost (or maybe even over) halfway, thats amazing!

And Im glad you're sleeping better, thats such wonderful news!

Bliss04 said...

congrats on the half way mark! i'm glad you're sleeping better!