Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Days of Sleeping in a Bed are Numbered

The past few days have been difficult at night. I can not get comfortable at all. Tossing and turning is getting more difficult because the belly feels heavy while laying down. It seems no matter how many pillows I have or what their placement, I just can't get comfortable. I'll doze off and wake right back up needing to move again. On top of being uncomfortable, I still have the nerve pain on my left side so that adds to my inability to be comfortable. So....I haven't slept much the past few nights. I stayed home from work today to try and catch up on my rest. Getting little sleep is rough but with two babies using up the little bit of energy I do have, I know when I just have to stop and rest. I think it's about time to try out sleeping on the couch or in a recliner to see if that helps at all. Just another milestone on this incredible journey called pregnancy!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

24 weeks/Unexpected Dr's App

Thursday we hit 24 weeks. Going off our new due date, we're down under 100 days. WOW!! June will be here before we know it. For the most part, everything is still going wonderfully. The only issues I'm having are pain from two issues: one of the boys keeps pushing on my left ribs which is extremely painful and I have some nerves on the upper front of my belly on the left side that have gone numb and accompanying the numbness are sharp pains that feel like a bunch of little needles poking me. The whole area is incredibly sensitive to the point where clothes touching it or if I touch it lightly, pains radiate from the area like lightning bolts. It is the weirdest and most uncomfortable feeling. Brings me to tears almost on a daily basis. This is what caused our unexpected dr's visit. The woman at work kept telling me the pain was just from the nerves being so numb but James wanted me to call the dr and double check. I called and left a message on Wednesday during lunch and 30 minutes later I got a call for me to come in and check. They listened to the heartbeats, found both quickly since I knew where they were sitting. Both HB's were nice and strong!! She measured the belly twice, asked some questions and poked around some. When I'm laying down, I do get relief from the pain, but I knew once she sat me up and I started moving around it was really going to hurt. They said it was just surface nerves that were going numb from all the pressure against them and unless the baby in that area moves, I just have to deal with it. How great is that to hear?? Of course I was very happy nothing was wrong, but still, I'm a big baby when it comes to pain and having nothing I can do to bring relief is a bit unsettling for me. I told one of the girls at work there is absolutely no way I'm doing this without pain meds b/c I want the epidural now the pain is so sharp. I know I am in for it when it comes to actual labor, but at least when you're in labor, you'll have a beautiful baby (two in our case) to make it worth it. I still have about 3 months left of this. Oh well I guess. The baby shower is next Saturday and I'm super excited. I want to go find a cute outfit to wear so I can make jewelry to match. My sister, she's too funny. She told me that since we're having boys, I can't weat pink to the shower like I wanted. She said I could only wear blue, green or yellow. She's goofy. What I'd really like before Saturday is a pedicure :) I used to give myself pedicures twice a month and I really miss those. My feet were always taken care of and now they're very neglected. I also need a hair cut. I haven't colored my hair this pregnancy and won't because the smell is so bad, even now. It needs to be shaped big time though. It's getting longer and just kind of lays there limp. So, my goal this weekend is to get the crib mattresses (I still need to post pictures of the new bedding and the last ultrasound....I am way behind), find a shirt/outfit for the shower, and make a hair appointment with my sister. There's a lot to look forward to!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The BEST feeling EVER!

No matter how much rib or back pain I experience, when I feel a kick from one of those little babies, it makes it all completely worth it. It really is the best feeling ever!! They have been moving a lot over the last few days and we're loving every minute of it!!

James and I were talking delivery options today. I need to make a list of questions for my dr so when we go back 4/9, we can discuss them in depth. That will help me better decide which class(es) to take at the hospital in preparation for our little brownies. I need to start reading "Baby Wise". One of the dr's in the practice recommended it to us with twins in attempting to get them on a schedule. A few girls at work also talk highly of it. I'm sure we'll find what works best for us, but I definitely want to see what the book is all about. I also need to pick up a book on baby's first year. As of right now, to be very honest, I'm not sure what to do with a newborn baby. The shower is in less than 2 weeks and I'm very excited. My goal for this week is to nurse my sick husband back to health and for us to purchase the crib mattresses. There is a picture frame project I want to work on for the nursery and I need to stop by the craft store and pick up the wood frames so I can get started on them. I hear the weather is going to be nice so I also want to get out and walk in the evenings. Other than that, not too much going on and I'm very happy about that. I tried doing too much last week and I was flat out exhausted.

And as for March Madness.....GO CARDS!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Whoa! This is new and I don't like it!

I've experienced 3 new things this week and I don't like it at all. I had experienced some tingling at the top of my belly on the left side, just under what apparently are now my "baby feeders". The doctor said it would probably turn from tingling to numb and get somewhat uncomfortable b/c the nerves are getting pinched by one of the babies stretching out. Boy was she right. It is incredibly uncomfortable!!! Sometimes if I rub it, it sends tingles across my belly. It's so weird.

One of my babies likes to kick mommy in the left ribs. Holy crap does it hurt. It's like he's in there stretching out and his feet are pushing on my ribs and it takes a long while for it to subside. On two occasions I was brought to tears by the pain. It's not uncomfortable, it's completely painful. I wish telling the baby to move would work, but he's proving to be as stubborn as daddy!

The thing that most upsets me, ankle swelling. What the heck dude??? I've only experienced this twice and it seems to be when I don't wear my tennis shoes. That's great, I hate wearing socks in the warm weather, but it looks like I'm not going to have a choice. My feet feel tight and I go from my little ankles to kankles. It may seem silly but it kind of makes me want to cry. I don't want to swell. Definitely going to keep drinking water as instructed by all the mothers at work and elevate my feet as much as possible.

The back pain/discomfort continues randomly. I've always had issues with my back so that's to be expected. My belly button is on the verge of popping, but is holding off. It's definitely sticking out though and can be seen through my shirts.

I attempted to paint my toes the other night. HAHAHA!! That's all I can say. It did not go well. James has been recruited to be my toe polisher because I no longer am able to maneuver my body that way anymore. I'm ready to call and book me a massage and pedicure pronto!!

Doctor's Appointment last week/22 weeks: The doctor said everything looks great. We heard both beautiful heartbeats and they have started measuring my belly. She said the next appointment will be in 4 weeks and we'll have a growth ultrasound, the dreaded sugar/glucose test, and then meeting with the dr. At that visit, they'll decide whether to have my next appointment in 4 weeks or move me down to every 2 weeks. Wow, that makes it seem so close. We're definitely getting more excited each day.

My sister is hosting a baby shower for us on April 4. I am so excited and know that as soon as we start filling the house with all the baby gear, it's going to bring it to another new level. What a blessing....that's all I can say!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The babies said Hi to Daddy!!

Last night James and I were watching a movie and I kept feeling the babies move. I grabbed his hand and put it on my belly and after about a minute I asked if he felt that. His felt lit up and he said, "Was that it?" (as in asking if that was them, not being sarcastic as he usually is) I started to tear up. I told him his babies were telling him Hi. He left his hand there for a little longer and didn't feel anything else. A while later I grabbed his hand again and this time he felt a big kick. There were a few little ones after that too. I'm so happy he finally got to feel them!!

On an unrelated note, my innie belly button is almost no more. Just a few more days and it will be out completely. For some reason I'm fascinated with it. I keep touching it and pulling my shirt up to look at it. I feel like a little kid. I even took some pictures of it with my phone. It's the weirdest thing.

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Additions

I decided since we know we aren't going full term that I should have a ticker that reflects the new due date we're using, June 25. So that explains the two sets of floating babies. I also added our registries to the blog.

We had our 4 week check up yesterday, 22 weeks. I don't have time to post right now about it, but I definitely will. Our bedding also came in so I will post some pictures of our new nursery theme. I think it's going to be adorable!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lots Going On

I feel like I haven't touched my blog in forever. It has been a crazy busy week. I need the extra hour back from the time change to get some more rest.
We had our ultrasound on Thursday and it went well. The boys have grown from 5 oz to 14 oz in 4 weeks. I have also grown but we're not touching that subject today! They looked so much bigger on the screen. They're still boys too!! We also got to see them in 3D. That was absolutely amazing. We got a few pictures of A in 3D. B was not in the position for pictures. He was being a bit shy but she said the membrane between the two was blocking him. It didn't matter, we got to see both of our boys in 3D and it was perfect. I'll post those pictures soon. We also recorded the heartbeats but it's really faint so you have to put the camera up to your ear to hear it. It's the best sound in the world. One baby was 150 bpm and the other was 152bpm. Seems to be consistent.

After the appointment, we went to Babies R Us and registered. Thankfully, my cousin April went with us to help and boy did we need it. I think we put everything on there that we need, we just may need to update the amount of certain items. I'm going to link up the registries and if you see anything you know we will need, please let me know!!

Today we received our first gifts from the registry. My in laws came over and gave us a few gifts. After that, we put up the cribs and changing table. Not sure of the layout at this point, but they look great.

As far as pregnancy, overall things are going well. I'm continuing to get BIG. I am sleeping, waking up about every 2-3 hours, but I'm sleeping. I am starting to have back pain now. It started after the ultrasound Thursday. I think it was from laying flat on my back for so long. I was in so much pain that night I didn't sleep and didn't make it to work Friday. I'm not sure the best way to deal with it but we do go back to see my regular OB on Thursday so I'll definitely be asking about that. Also, at the top left of my belly, where there isn't any baby, I get this weird tingly discomfort that comes and goes. It's the weirdest thing but it's tender to the touch and very uncomfortable. Going to ask the dr about that too. Other than that, I am feeling great. I feel the babies daily. There have been a few times where I've felt them from the outside and it's wonderful!! Every time I get James to feel, they stop or it's faint and he can't feel it. I'm hoping this week he'll be able to feel it. I'm also expecting my belly button to pop this week. There really isn't much left and it's so weird. I've been taking weekly belly shots but haven't bothered to upload them to the computer. I finally did today and hope that you can tell just how big I really am. We went to a consignment sale the other day and met one of my cousins friends who happens to be due in 4 weeks. We were the same size. With two babies, I really am going to be large :)

Week 18

Week 19

Week 20 (a little blurry)

Week 21

The crazy thing is that just 4 days later, I'm even bigger. Oh, I just felt a kick. I'm loving being pregnant!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Level 2 U/S Tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow is going to be a busy but very exciting day for us. We go back to the Fetal & Maternal Med office for another Level II ultrasound. We had the first one at 17 weeks and apparently that can be too early to get all the proper measurements on the heart....so we go back. I'm excited to see our little boys again! It's amazing!! Tomorrow is also my little sister's birthday. We thought she would get to go with us to the scan but work is interfering and she won't be able to. After we leave the hospital, we're meeting my cousin April at Babies R Us and she's going to help us register. That should be overwhelming but fun. To finish off the evening, we're having a family dinner and Butterfinger Blizzard Cake!!

We started our Target registry on Sunday. There aren't many items on it as of now, but we did go ahead and put the main items that we knew we wanted on there. April is helping tomorrow to fill in the blanks....to let us know what we really need that we have no idea about. We're also checking on our bedding, to see if it's in. We're expecting a call this week since the clerk said they're expecting a shipment this week and will be holding 2 sets for us. Since they haven't called yet, that will be the first thing I check on when we get there!! I'm very excited about it. We've been discussing decorations and I just can't wait to get started on some of those projects.

I've been feeling the boys move more frequently. It's the best feeling in the world!! There have been two instances where I would swear I felt them kick from the outside. Each time I get James to feel, they either stop, or he just can't feel the movement from the outside. I know he's disappointed and that makes me a little sad, but I know he'll be able to feel them soon. It's so funny how around 3:00 or so I'm starting to get tuckered out at work and then they start moving. When we lay down to rest or down for the night, they start going. One of the girls at work that just had a baby in September explained it perfectly. She said they're used to me walking and moving around to rock them and when I lay down the rocking stops and they want to know what's going on. How cute is that??