Saturday, March 28, 2009

24 weeks/Unexpected Dr's App

Thursday we hit 24 weeks. Going off our new due date, we're down under 100 days. WOW!! June will be here before we know it. For the most part, everything is still going wonderfully. The only issues I'm having are pain from two issues: one of the boys keeps pushing on my left ribs which is extremely painful and I have some nerves on the upper front of my belly on the left side that have gone numb and accompanying the numbness are sharp pains that feel like a bunch of little needles poking me. The whole area is incredibly sensitive to the point where clothes touching it or if I touch it lightly, pains radiate from the area like lightning bolts. It is the weirdest and most uncomfortable feeling. Brings me to tears almost on a daily basis. This is what caused our unexpected dr's visit. The woman at work kept telling me the pain was just from the nerves being so numb but James wanted me to call the dr and double check. I called and left a message on Wednesday during lunch and 30 minutes later I got a call for me to come in and check. They listened to the heartbeats, found both quickly since I knew where they were sitting. Both HB's were nice and strong!! She measured the belly twice, asked some questions and poked around some. When I'm laying down, I do get relief from the pain, but I knew once she sat me up and I started moving around it was really going to hurt. They said it was just surface nerves that were going numb from all the pressure against them and unless the baby in that area moves, I just have to deal with it. How great is that to hear?? Of course I was very happy nothing was wrong, but still, I'm a big baby when it comes to pain and having nothing I can do to bring relief is a bit unsettling for me. I told one of the girls at work there is absolutely no way I'm doing this without pain meds b/c I want the epidural now the pain is so sharp. I know I am in for it when it comes to actual labor, but at least when you're in labor, you'll have a beautiful baby (two in our case) to make it worth it. I still have about 3 months left of this. Oh well I guess. The baby shower is next Saturday and I'm super excited. I want to go find a cute outfit to wear so I can make jewelry to match. My sister, she's too funny. She told me that since we're having boys, I can't weat pink to the shower like I wanted. She said I could only wear blue, green or yellow. She's goofy. What I'd really like before Saturday is a pedicure :) I used to give myself pedicures twice a month and I really miss those. My feet were always taken care of and now they're very neglected. I also need a hair cut. I haven't colored my hair this pregnancy and won't because the smell is so bad, even now. It needs to be shaped big time though. It's getting longer and just kind of lays there limp. So, my goal this weekend is to get the crib mattresses (I still need to post pictures of the new bedding and the last ultrasound....I am way behind), find a shirt/outfit for the shower, and make a hair appointment with my sister. There's a lot to look forward to!!

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