Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Days of Sleeping in a Bed are Numbered

The past few days have been difficult at night. I can not get comfortable at all. Tossing and turning is getting more difficult because the belly feels heavy while laying down. It seems no matter how many pillows I have or what their placement, I just can't get comfortable. I'll doze off and wake right back up needing to move again. On top of being uncomfortable, I still have the nerve pain on my left side so that adds to my inability to be comfortable. So....I haven't slept much the past few nights. I stayed home from work today to try and catch up on my rest. Getting little sleep is rough but with two babies using up the little bit of energy I do have, I know when I just have to stop and rest. I think it's about time to try out sleeping on the couch or in a recliner to see if that helps at all. Just another milestone on this incredible journey called pregnancy!


Shannon said...

I hope you find something that makes you comfortable and can get some sleep soon! Thinking of you and the babies!

Bliss04 said...

ugh, i'm sorry. i know how you feel. i have not found a solution to this problem yet, but doubt there is one! (unless we could just detach our bellies for the night, which would be SPLENDID!)