Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lots Going On

I feel like I haven't touched my blog in forever. It has been a crazy busy week. I need the extra hour back from the time change to get some more rest.
We had our ultrasound on Thursday and it went well. The boys have grown from 5 oz to 14 oz in 4 weeks. I have also grown but we're not touching that subject today! They looked so much bigger on the screen. They're still boys too!! We also got to see them in 3D. That was absolutely amazing. We got a few pictures of A in 3D. B was not in the position for pictures. He was being a bit shy but she said the membrane between the two was blocking him. It didn't matter, we got to see both of our boys in 3D and it was perfect. I'll post those pictures soon. We also recorded the heartbeats but it's really faint so you have to put the camera up to your ear to hear it. It's the best sound in the world. One baby was 150 bpm and the other was 152bpm. Seems to be consistent.

After the appointment, we went to Babies R Us and registered. Thankfully, my cousin April went with us to help and boy did we need it. I think we put everything on there that we need, we just may need to update the amount of certain items. I'm going to link up the registries and if you see anything you know we will need, please let me know!!

Today we received our first gifts from the registry. My in laws came over and gave us a few gifts. After that, we put up the cribs and changing table. Not sure of the layout at this point, but they look great.

As far as pregnancy, overall things are going well. I'm continuing to get BIG. I am sleeping, waking up about every 2-3 hours, but I'm sleeping. I am starting to have back pain now. It started after the ultrasound Thursday. I think it was from laying flat on my back for so long. I was in so much pain that night I didn't sleep and didn't make it to work Friday. I'm not sure the best way to deal with it but we do go back to see my regular OB on Thursday so I'll definitely be asking about that. Also, at the top left of my belly, where there isn't any baby, I get this weird tingly discomfort that comes and goes. It's the weirdest thing but it's tender to the touch and very uncomfortable. Going to ask the dr about that too. Other than that, I am feeling great. I feel the babies daily. There have been a few times where I've felt them from the outside and it's wonderful!! Every time I get James to feel, they stop or it's faint and he can't feel it. I'm hoping this week he'll be able to feel it. I'm also expecting my belly button to pop this week. There really isn't much left and it's so weird. I've been taking weekly belly shots but haven't bothered to upload them to the computer. I finally did today and hope that you can tell just how big I really am. We went to a consignment sale the other day and met one of my cousins friends who happens to be due in 4 weeks. We were the same size. With two babies, I really am going to be large :)

Week 18

Week 19

Week 20 (a little blurry)

Week 21

The crazy thing is that just 4 days later, I'm even bigger. Oh, I just felt a kick. I'm loving being pregnant!!


Shannon said...

Hun wow look at your belly!! I love it!!!!! You look amazing. Its amazing how much you can change from week to week. And I personally think the monkey set is going to look great with the dark wood of the cribs. Perfect:-)

Shannon said...

I love all the nursery furniture, loooks great!

And you look absolutely wonderful, your belly is so cute!

Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

You look fantastic!! I'm so glad to hear your appt went well. I know what you mean about the sleeping - I'm up at least every 2-3 hours tossing and turning. I can't wait to see the pics of your boys - post them when you get a chance!