Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Whoa! This is new and I don't like it!

I've experienced 3 new things this week and I don't like it at all. I had experienced some tingling at the top of my belly on the left side, just under what apparently are now my "baby feeders". The doctor said it would probably turn from tingling to numb and get somewhat uncomfortable b/c the nerves are getting pinched by one of the babies stretching out. Boy was she right. It is incredibly uncomfortable!!! Sometimes if I rub it, it sends tingles across my belly. It's so weird.

One of my babies likes to kick mommy in the left ribs. Holy crap does it hurt. It's like he's in there stretching out and his feet are pushing on my ribs and it takes a long while for it to subside. On two occasions I was brought to tears by the pain. It's not uncomfortable, it's completely painful. I wish telling the baby to move would work, but he's proving to be as stubborn as daddy!

The thing that most upsets me, ankle swelling. What the heck dude??? I've only experienced this twice and it seems to be when I don't wear my tennis shoes. That's great, I hate wearing socks in the warm weather, but it looks like I'm not going to have a choice. My feet feel tight and I go from my little ankles to kankles. It may seem silly but it kind of makes me want to cry. I don't want to swell. Definitely going to keep drinking water as instructed by all the mothers at work and elevate my feet as much as possible.

The back pain/discomfort continues randomly. I've always had issues with my back so that's to be expected. My belly button is on the verge of popping, but is holding off. It's definitely sticking out though and can be seen through my shirts.

I attempted to paint my toes the other night. HAHAHA!! That's all I can say. It did not go well. James has been recruited to be my toe polisher because I no longer am able to maneuver my body that way anymore. I'm ready to call and book me a massage and pedicure pronto!!

Doctor's Appointment last week/22 weeks: The doctor said everything looks great. We heard both beautiful heartbeats and they have started measuring my belly. She said the next appointment will be in 4 weeks and we'll have a growth ultrasound, the dreaded sugar/glucose test, and then meeting with the dr. At that visit, they'll decide whether to have my next appointment in 4 weeks or move me down to every 2 weeks. Wow, that makes it seem so close. We're definitely getting more excited each day.

My sister is hosting a baby shower for us on April 4. I am so excited and know that as soon as we start filling the house with all the baby gear, it's going to bring it to another new level. What a blessing....that's all I can say!!


Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

Oh, that is my biggest fear - being kicked in the ribs! I'm hoping I have a long enough torso and I carry low so that doesn't happen! I'm so sorry your babies are kicking you - it really goes sound painful.

Bliss04 said...

i hear you on the swelling- it is not pretty at all. hopefully your babies will be able to move positions for you so you can be a little more comfortable.