Friday, March 5, 2010

Blogger...Oh how I've missed you!

Thanks to a few moments with the hubby and an earlier bedtime, I have neglected my computer time. The babies are asleep and the hubby's working late, time for some wine and chit chat.
There have been A LOT of new things happening with my brownie babies. Changes I am not ready for. Nope. NOT AT ALL!!

The boys are going from a sitting position to their bellies. They are moving around and scooting way too much! Not crawling but they definitely know how to get to where they want to go. Ethan seems a bit more interested in doing this than Lucas though. They are pulling up when you let them hold your fingers. Haven't really tried to pull up on anything else but it's a great start. Let me just tell you, Ethan gets so excited and proud every single time he pulls up. It's so adorable. Lucas has figured out how to get us to help him stand up...such a smarty. He will straighten out his body and go stiff so that you basically have no option but to stand him up b/c if you lay him down, he cries still you stand him up. He really likes standing up. He'll bounce/jump in place while he's standing...while someone holds his waist. Lucas has gotten really good and stable while sitting. For a long while his round belly made it hard for him to stabilize but no longer. Tonight, Ethan got up on all fours and started rocking back and forth for about a minute before he went down to his tummy. This boy is going to be zooming around the house in no time. I am not ready for this!!!! Where are my babies? Oh wait, they're 8.5 months old.

Ethan is getting two top teeth. Ethan is going to have 4 teeth before Lucas even gets one!! Although, we do think Lucas is starting to teethe. He's been moody, wants everything in his mouth and has started to head bang. He'll bang his head on the carpet when he's on his tummy, he'll bang his head against me when I'm holding him, he bangs his head. I read that this is common during teething. Really? Have you heard of head banging babies that didn't belong to rocker parents? James has a co-worker that has twins 2.5 yrs old and one of their twins did the same thing. I hope it stops asap. We've come close to having a broken nose more than once.

Ethan has been able to take his diaper off by pulling open the tabs for quite a while now. He just likes grabbing at things. You see where this is going?? He now likes pulling on his well, little Ethan I guess you can call it. Any time his diaper is off, and believe me diaper changes have gotten a lot faster around here, he goes straight for it. I tell him NO and kind of tap at his hand but he laughs or smiles real big. We're going to be in big trouble with this one!

We've started finger foods. It is so entertaining to watch them eat the Puffs. Sometimes they can get them to their mouths alone, sometimes the need some help. They also love eating pieces of banana. I cut one up in pieces and they had no problems scarfing them up! I was so proud. They are just sweet happy babies and I LOVE IT!!!


Alicea said...

They grow so fast! Little babies sure like to explore, especially baby boys. I wouldn't worry too much about the exploring "down there". From everything I've read it's perfectly natural.

The Lane Family said...

That is so fun that they are finally starting to work on the "crawl". Let me tell you if you think thinks are busy now wait until they start crawling and then walking. Life gets really fun and crazy :)

That part about Ethan makes me laugh because my son Aidan was the same way and we still have plenty of moments with "little Aidan" it is just part of the process.