Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Suck It, Bunny!!

So let me tell you about the Easter bunny at one of our local malls.
I had no intentions of taking the boys to see the bunny but James suggested it, so I did for Daddy. We got to the mall and got in the 2 person line. Apparently the lady telling people where to sit their children didn't notice the two boys we were walking towards the bunny who happened to be dressed alike because when I told her two, she was surprised. She told me immediately that they couldn't do two babies at once. The bunny is only able to hold one at a time. She said the costume is just too big to hold two infants. EXCUSE ME? The bunny who is just sitting there can't uncross her legs to let two sweet babies sink into the chair and lean back into her elbows? She then offered to take pictures of them separately for 2 packages worth of pictures. Uh, you want me to pay $25 x 2 because you don't want to hold both of them together. WTF? Come on now. I'm not stupid.

I really do consider myself a very nice person. I'm always concerned about others, wanting to make sure everyone is taken care of, never saying anything that I feel would be hurtful to others. However, I was cussing that lady up and down in my head. A friend of mine told me she too her twins to the other mall to see that bunny and aside from them being afraid of the bunny, they had no problem holding twins. Guess I picked the wrong bunny.


Becky said...

You need to call and complain to the manager, that is just not right. Our mall easter bunny was over $20 too for one stupid picture, no way was i paying that fee!!!
I'm going out looking for easter bunny pictures free/cheap on Saturday, i hope i can find one.

Katie said...

You should totally complain - they didn't refuse you for safety, it was greed. Good luck! Glad you told them to suck it!