Monday, April 5, 2010

Let Them Eat Peeps!!

Somehow my dad convinced me to let the boys have PEEPS on Easter. It was funny for about a minute. Once Lucas tried to put the whole bunny in his mouth, we shut that down! They were cute though :)
"What's this?"

"I'm allowed to eat this?"

"This doesn't taste like food Mommy usually lets me eat!"

"You told me I could, so I'm gonna!"

"But I wasn't finished, please don't take it away!"

"There's a tiny piece left they didn't take away"

We started our morning off celebrating Christ overcoming the grave at church. Then we headed home to get ready for our families who were coming over to have on lunch on the boys' first Easter. Auntie Ang got them cute bunny ears that we had to take pictures of. After everyone was entertained by the boys trying peeps, we changed them and headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather!! It was a wonderfully sunny, very warm, cloudless day. The boys like being outside...they definitely seemed to enjoy playing on the blanket watching the adults attempt to play a few games of corn hole. It was a wonderful day!


Alicea said...

Your boys are do darn cute! Glad to hear you had a great Easter.

Shannon said...

Super cute!!

The Lane Family said...

The pictures are SOOO cute and your boys are just adorable. I love the one of Lucas (hope I am right) looking for the last speck of sugar. SO cute!!

The bunny ears were adorable as well!!