Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Dose of Reality

I'm sitting here working on plans for the first birthday party that is sneaking up on us with the tv on in the background. American Idol, Idol gives back is on. Why am I watching this? I'm sitting with my laptop in my lap, using my high speed internet, watching a flat screen tv, planning a birthday party while watching these kids that have no homes, little to no food, living in disease affected areas, losing their parents. The tears are just streaming. Oh how I take so many things for granted, not even realizing that I do. I complain about what seems so stupid right now when I have it better than I ever realized. I'm ashamed. I don't watch the news and proudly sit in my little bubble to avoid seeing things like this. It breaks my heart to see the sweet faces of little kids that have little to nothing. It's time for some real reflection.


Shannon said...

Looks like we were watching the same show! I thought it was great how not only did they show children overseas but also children right in your backyard! Truly touching!

Shannon said...

I agree, it is so touching and very thought provoking. We are so very fortunate. I would also like to look for opportunities to give back!

Amy said...

it was a total eye opener to me, too. uncontrollable tears, and overwhelming emotions to all these less fortunate people and their children. it grand scheme of things, i am so blessed and take it for granted!