Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Night

Finally, the forecast was correct....Louisville got snow!! We got at least 7 inches, which may not sound like much, but it is a lot for us here. Typically, when they tell us we're getting snow, we're lucky to get a light dusting so we were excited. One mommy and two babies makes it hard to go out in the snow during the day. There's just not enough hands to go around. After dinner James wanted to take them out so we packed them in their snow suits and went out for a few minutes. It was dark and the wind was blowing the snow around so we I didn't spend much time out nor did I get good pictures, but we can still say we took them out.

Lucas was excited to get his suit on

Once he got outside though, he wasn't so sure

Ethan wanted to catch snowflakes on his tongue

Daddy trying to see if he'll eat the snow

"I don't know about this anymore"

I'm Done!


Amy said...

too cute!

Shannon said...

I love your boys! I wish you lived closer so we could get together. Maybe someday you, me and Shannon could all get our kids together...!

Josh+Angie Holcomb said...

sweetest boys in the world. cutest too. with the best mommy!

The Lane Family said...

The boys in their snow suits is absolutely ADORABLE!!!! They are getting so big!!

I also love the new pictures on your header and your fun.