Sunday, February 7, 2010

7 Months (a tad late)

So I realize I'm a couple of weeks behind, but I still wanted to document their milestones/accomplishments for 7 months.


-Sits up completely alone and very steady.
-Can lean backwards onto James or I (like a 45 degree angle) and sit up straight by himself
-Still tries to sit upright from any laying or angled position. (bouncy seat/carseat/stroller)
-Puts everything in his mouth and chews like crazy
-Has his two front bottom teeth
-Holds bottle all by himself, unless he feels lazy :)
-Scoots as if trying to crawl while on belly
-Reaches for toys just out of his reach
-Passes toys back and forth between hands
-Loves Food!!! (have made it through all stage 1 foods with no dislikes)
-Reaches for big people food and drinks
-Learning to hold sippy cup
-Babbles and says mamamama and dadadada
-Loves playing in the bathtub
-Reaches for you when you ask "want up?"
-Reaches for Lucas with both hands/pulls Lucas' hair
-In 6-9 month clothing
**Since I'm a few weeks late I have a few more things to add that he's done in the last week.
-Rolls onto his belly in his crib
-Sleeps on his belly in his crib sometimes
-Rolls from back to belly and belly to back
-Started stage 2 foods
-Can stand alone while putting hands against couch


-Sits up on his on but can sometimes be unstable and wobbly
-Scoots backwards while on his belly
-Pulls his knees up under his belly in an attempt to crawl
-Reaches for toys just out of his reach
-Passes toys back and forth between hands
-Reaches for big people food and drinks
-Learning to hold sippy cup
-Puts his fist and thumb in his mouth
-Says mama and dada (but doesn't appear to associate those words with us yet)
-Reaches for the Doggy
-Turns around 180-360 degrees while on tummy
-Holds upper body up for long stretches of time while on tummy
-Rolls from back to belly & belly to back but only when the mood strikes
-Loves bathtime
-Reaches for Ethan with both hands, tries to nibble on him
-Holds out his hand when you say bye-bye
-Reaches up when you say "want up?"
-In 6-9 month clothing
**Within the last week.....
-Started stage 2 foods
-Can stand up alone when holding on to the couch

I think this is all that's going on. Mommy has been super scatterbrained this week!!!!


Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

Oh, they are doing so well and so darn cute! Do you still love being home with all day? I feel so very blessed that Chris is able to allow me and Kyle to do this. I feel like a broken record that I tell him so much, but I know he likes hearing it. Men and their egos, you know! :)

The Lane Family said...

They just get cuter and cuter!! I love documenting the milestones because I think as Mom's of multiples if we do not do this we will forget as we hurry to get something else done!!

By the way I LOVE your header is is awesome!!

Josh+Angie Holcomb said...

Ah, the boys are so smart and doing so good! Love their sweet hearts! :)