Wednesday, February 24, 2010

8 Months Oh My

We are 2/3's way through their first year. Wowzers! I am just so proud of them and all that they've accomplished in 8 short months. I love seeing their sweet smiles first thing in the morning and watching them learn new things each day.

What Ethan's up to these days...

-Rolling all over the place
-Scooting backwards to get where he wants to go
-Standing up holding on to things
-When you hold him under his arms, he takes a few steps
-Sort of drinking with a sippy cup
-Holding the bottle for every feeding
-Wants to grab the spoon & food when eating solids
-Sleeping on belly 50% of the time (as much as I wish he wouldn't)
-Saying dada dada dada but not really towards James just in babbling

What Lucas is up to....

-Scooting around backwards
-Standing up holding onto the couch
-Loves drinking from a sippy cup
-Holding the bottles for some feedings
-Wants to hold the spoon when you're feeding him
-Says dada frequently but not towards James
-Waves bye bye and says what sounds like "hey"

We gave them a few banana flavored Puffs the other day. They did pretty well with them although they did seem a bit confused by the texture. It was fun for me to watch.


Jennifer said...

Absolutely adorable :-)

They're doing so well! I never thought I'd get so excited over these milestonres, but I DO! It's so exciting!

Josh+Angie Holcomb said...

Love those sweet boys! Crazy how much they have changed from looking back over the past 8 months! So proud of them and you!

Shannon said...

Wow, 8 months! I love looking at pictures of the boys. They look so different but both so cute in their own ways. I cant believe how big they are getting!

Leigh said...

I saw your comment on Jennifer's blog about the biggest belly ever so I came to see because I seriously was gigantic (all belly) and I'm short too.

I can't find the pics though - where are you hiding them? LOL

Your little guys are oh so cute - our will be 8 months next Sunday :)