Monday, July 19, 2010

Lucas has a Molar!

Poor guy has been super fussy today. I just assumed it was because he still didn't feel good but nope. He has a molar that has just busted through. So now he has his two front top and two front bottom teeth along with a top molar. How strange. He's been so vocal this week. He's always talkative, but this week it seems more. Before bed last night, I was holding him and James was standing in front of us with a soccer shirt on. Lucas decided to point to the soccer ball and say ball. He kept doing it over and over reaching for the ball as if he could grab it. SO SWEET!

Ethan decided he was going to walk more than crawl today. He was super excited about it too. Thankfully, both boys (well all 3) are feeling better and were playful today. I am so so glad it was just a 24hr thing. Lucas slept longer during his afternoon nap so Ethan & I were playing downstairs and he was just walking all around. As terrifying as it is that he's going to be walking full time any day now, it really is so cute and exciting watching him learn. I just love these little guys so much!

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Alicea said...

Ouch, I heard the molars really hurt when they come in. Can't wait for that...yikes! Glad to hear all the boys are feeling better. Nothing worse than sick babies...and husbands. ;)