Monday, July 26, 2010

A New Career Path

Before Ethan & Lucas, I worked full time at a rehab clinic that helps reintroduce brain injury patients back into their daily life routines and the community. I loved it. The women I worked with were wonderful people and the work they do is amazing. At the first of the year, I started back working on Fridays. It was a good way to bring in a little extra money and get some appreciated adult time. I will continue to work on Fridays, but I have now signed up as a Thirty One Gifts consultant. I've been to several parties and hosted a catalog party of my own. After much thought and prayer, I knew this was a good choice for me. I am very excited about working for a company that is geared towards woman in a positive way, plus their products are ADORABLE!

You should check out their products on the online catalog. The new Fall/Winter catalog debut's August 1 so now is the last few days to take advantage of the fun summer catalog. My website:
If you see anything you'd like to order, just shoot me an email
Most of my blog mommies are too far away to host a house party, but an alternative is to host a catalog party. I'd send you a few catalogs or you'd view the online catalog and you'd have a month to take orders. The best part about it all, if you have a party that sells $250+ you earn free products. Ok, that's my shameless plug. I'm excited about this new adventure and will let you know how my first party goes :)

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Amy said...

i have never heard of that. i will definitely check it out! congrats to you!