Tuesday, July 20, 2010

13 Months

I almost didn't realize the date today. First off, the boys are better. I guess it was just a nasty bug that passed through quickly. We did pass it off to Mamaw & Papaw though :( Sorry!
We had to wash their clothes after they got sick so Papaw was night enough to let them borrow some sleeveless shirts. Of course they were huge and had to be tied in knots to stay up but they were too funny/cute!!
Overall Changes:
No more bottles
All solid "big people" food
We finally got the convertible carseats out and installed
Eat 3 meals a day with snacks between allowing us to eat dinner as a family now


*Starting to walk more than crawl
*Will stand up and sit down without holding on to anything
*Is becoming more vocal
*Will say Mama to get my attention and will point to something along with saying Mama when he wants something
*Will say Dog or Bailey when he hears or see Bailey
*Loves food!
*Will dance to any kind of music he hears*Cries when I leave a room and/or throws a tantrum
*Gives Lucas hugs all the time!
*Refuses to sit in the bathtub
*Loves to wear sunglasses

*Says ball ALL-THE-TIME and points to balls anytime he sees them
*Crawls and cruises at the speed of light
*Does not want to be confined or immobile...he crawls all the time
*Talks about and points to everything
*Will now walk when holding on to just one hand instead of needing two to stabilize
*Refuses to sit in the bathtub
*Says dog when he hears or sees a dog on tv
*Likes to take sunglasses off his face

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Jeannie said...

They are adorable!