Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Developments in the Brown House

We've had a lot going on since E&L's birthday party. The morning of their actual birthday Lucas started crawling a real crawl. He wasn't going any distance but he was up on all fours moving. The next day he started pulling himself up. He hasn't stopped. Now he's crawling distance. He doesn't do it super quickly, but I have two babies that will crawl and cruise in different directions. It's only the beginning, I know, because they'll be walking in different directions soon.

We've had A LOT of crying in the house lately. Why? Two teething children. Ethan's molars are coming in and Lucas has some to teeth trying to make their way through. We've all been a little bit crazy because of this.

WE ARE BOTTLE FREE!!! Last Saturday instead of taking a bottle of formula to start breakfast, the boys took a sippy cup of real milk. We did have to mix in a little bit of formula to get them to take the whole thing, but it worked. We won't have to wash any more Dr. Brown's bottle parts any more! We won't have to buy the giant size formula can anymore. Ah, the perks of toddlers :)


Alicea said...

Oh, I can't wait to go bottle free! No more bottle warmer on the counter top. No more bottle drying rack. No more Dr. Brown's bottles to wash! I doubt we'll break him of the bottle in a month when he turns 1, but I'm hopeful. Kyle tends to do things at his own pace.

Amy said...

yay for drinking whole milk! i struggle daily with P drinking milk. i guess that's a perk about ff, you can just dilute it with that, and you're good!

Shannon said...

No bottles? That sounds amazing! Glad things are going good with the boys, they are so cute!