Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Sweet Boys

All 3 of them are sick. James got sick in the middle of the night. I was hoping and praying that the boys and I wouldn't end up with it. Today was a very belated birthday dinner with my dad and family. I told him James was sick and he said if we hadn't gotten sick by the time we were ready to leave, come on over. So we packed up and left daddy at home to rest. Once we arrived at my dad's, the boys had lunch and proceeded to play. Then it turned nasty. One threw up and as soon as we got it cleaned up, the other one threw up. I am so thankful that I was at my dad's with help because had I been at home alone, I don't know what I would've done. We got them in the bathtub and they played in there a while. Of course, as soon as we get them out, they throw up again. Back in the tub they went. After a while, they seemed to get some of their color and playfulness back so we got them out, wrapped them in a tank top since their clothes were being washed and let them play. It's been a few hours now and THANKFULLY, no more pukey yet. They're down for a nap and appear to be sleeping good. Poor sweet boys. Checked in with James and he seemed to be sore and restless, but no more sick. I hope this was just a Mommyfree 24 hour bug. Be gone!!!

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The Steens said...

I hope they get better soon!