Thursday, May 7, 2009

30 Weeks

I am so happy to see 30 weeks. I sent James a text this morning that said, "30 weeks! YAY!!" and he responded back that I'll probably never be so happy to turn 30 again! How cute. The nurse told us that each day they stay in longer shaves another 3 days off their NICU stay. Only 2 more weeks. Yesterday and today the doc's that came in mentioned a growth ultrasound so I'll be asking the one that comes in tomorrow when we can get that. I'd like to know how big these little brownies are. I know they're over 3 lbs because they were just a few ounces away from 3 over 2 weeks ago. I felt a few contractions today but each time they monitored me none registered so that's a good thing. My belly is itching like crazy. Of course it is, I'm the size of a house and my belly just continues to keep growing. Stretch marks are not pretty. I can no longer see my belly button anymore either. I used to be able to kind of bend over and see it but unless I'm looking in a mirror, I do not have a belly button.

James did a special thing for me today....he ordered me pizza for dinner. How sweet. I LOVE PIZZA. Tomorrow he's going to rent us a movie and actually stay the night with me. I'm very excited. I miss being home with him, having him in bed next to me. He didn't sleep well with all of my pillows, but I always liked knowing he was there next to me.


Shannon said...

Happy 30 weeks!! Thats awesome!!! Hopefully at least two more weeks to go hun, you can do it!

Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

Congrats on getting to 30 weeks!! Have a great movie night with James tonight! (hugs)