Thursday, May 14, 2009

31 Weeks

How far along? 31 wks
Total weight gain/loss: I really have no idea
Maternity clothes? the ones I have barely fit.
Stretch marks? :(
Sleep: Believe it or not, sleeping better in the hospital, longer stretches of sleep, than at home
Best moment this week: Two days in a row without a shot
Movement: Tons. When A moves, depending on my position, it can be very uncomfortable. They are definitely about out of room
Food cravings: anything sweet
Labor Signs: they're quick to stop any contractions I have
Belly Button in or out? completely out
What I miss: walking on carpet at home & Big Red (cut out caffeine drinks)
What I am looking forward to: making it to 32 weeks
Weekly Wisdom: It's all for the babies
Milestones: Made it to 31 wks without going into labor and going two full days without needing a shot to stop contractions!!

I am noticing a change in my mood the longer I'm here. Maybe it's just because I'm asked the same questions several times a day. Maybe the fact I can't leave is getting to me. Maybe it's because I'm tired of looking like a bum and feeling like a slob. Maybe it's because my phone rings a thousand times a day. Maybe it's just my hormones. I don't know what it is. I just feel grouchy and anti-social. I feel unattractive and I just want someone to help me shave my legs.

James is feeling better and I'm glad because he always makes me feel better just by being here.

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