Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dr's Appointment Tomorrow

8:45 is our scheduled ultrasound followed by our dr visit. I'm super excited. I'm hoping and praying that both boys are head down so that we can plan for the vaginal delivery. If not, we'll have some questions for the dr for sure. I hope that it's an incredibly informative visit and that we have a better idea of to expect in the next week or so. Interested to see when they'll take me off the Procardia. I've noticed that over the last two days around the time I'm due for the next pill I'm cramping. Today was the first day since I've been home from the hospital that I felt a contraction and recognized it immediately. I kind of have a feeling that it won't be all that long after they take me off the pill before labor starts. We'll see. It's just a waiting game really. Now if A's head isn't down anymore all of this is void anyway. He was head down 3 weeks ago and the way I'm feeling his kicks, I think he's still head down, but I don't know.
Regardless, I'm just excited.

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