Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wiggle Time & 36 Weeks

I LOVE Wiggle Time. I have morning Wiggle Time and James has bedtime Wiggle Time. In the mornings, after I get up and pee, I lay back down on my left side with a pillow supporting the belly and I just watch. This is the time when the babies are waking up and you can just see them move all over the place. I think it's the coolest thing to watch the belly move and feel their movements from the inside. We do this every morning. This is what I think I'll miss most about being pregnant. At night, when we lay down, I have the belly facing James with the pillow supporting it and he puts his hand on my belly and just feels them move all around. It's their nightly bonding. It's special family time we have and I love every minute of it.

YAY!! We made it to 36 weeks! I didn't think we'd make it this far and yet we have. I think my entire family is ready to meet the little guys. Every time I call someone, I don't get a "hey, what's going on". I get "Are you headed to the hospital, are you in labor?" That was a good indication of their excitement and anxiousness. I can't blame them. We're excited and anxious too. Every time I walk into the nursery I get so excited and a bit emotional knowing that very soon there will be two precious little boys living in there.
Alright boys, when ever you're ready, we're all waiting for you!!


Becky said...

Very cute story! Today i had an ultrasound done to measure how big my baby is and my husband G kept laughing at how much my stomache was moving the whole time.

I cant' believe you've made it this far, your doing great, keep it up!!!!!!!!!

Bliss04 said...

you're getting so close! i used to just sit in the nursery and look around with excitement in the days before Presley's arrival.
the point when it hit me most was watching the nurses prep my baby's bed just before she came out. that moment is so surreal!

The Lane Family said...

Way to go making it to 36 weeks!!! Hopefully they will come home with you :) I love the story and I do remember missing that part of being pregnant!!