Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dr Update from Yesterday

Our appointment was scheduled at 8:30 but for whatever reason, they didn't schedule us an ultrasound (even though we were told we'd have one weekly from now on). Apparently I look more miserable than I think I do because my main doctor saw me walking in and couldn't believe the size of the belly and how "ready" I looked. When the doctor came in that we were seeing (we've seen each dr in the practice b/c we don't know who will deliver-but I love them all) she said I looked so uncomfortable and ready to get them out. She was all ready to assist in the process by stripping my membranes, but they had in my chart that we were 37 weeks instead of 35w4d like we were. Somewhere along the lines someone wrote 7/6 in our chart as our due date instead of 7/16. That was such a bummer. She was all ready to help get them out and being less than 36wks she stopped that thought. She said if I haven't had them by next week, she'll strip my membranes. The thing that sucks is she's on vacation next week so the only appointment we could get with another dr was next Thursday instead of next Monday. That puts us exactly at 37 weeks.

We're also stuck at 3cm dilation. She said last week 3-4 but this week we were just at a 3. Boo. Despite all the walking and I do mean walking, we have not progressed at all. James is convinced they will not be coming out without medical assistance. He thinks I'll have to be induced. I really hope he's not right. It's so funny because before I left the hospital, my doctor was telling me that it would be best if we could make it at least 36 weeks and I told her I knew we could make it to 34 but I just didn't know if I could see us making 36 wks. Imagine that! Here we are at 35w5d and the babies don't seem to be going ANYWHERE. James and I did have a talk, though. As miserable as I feel sometimes (which isn't all the time), I know this isn't about me. It's about my boys being healthy and the longer they still inside, the best it is for them. I'll take the swelling feet, the sciatic pain, the lack of mobility, the heartburn, etc for as long as it takes knowing that they're still growing and each day longer inside raises the chances of them avoiding the NICU all together. We just want healthy boys that get to come home with us from the hospital.

We did get to have an ultrasound after seeing the dr. It was great to see them moving and she took their measurements again. A is measuring in at a big 6.3lbs and B is measuring at 6.1. We know this is just an estimation and they could be smaller, but wow. That's over 12lbs of baby. We're excited that they're growing though. We just can't wait to meet them :)

After the doctor's appointment, my dad came by and took me to run some arrends. We picked up some decor for the house and then came back and hung everything up. It felt great to get some things done and have everything look good. Granted there is so much more I'd like to do but I know I shouldn't spend the money and I can't drive myself to any store to pick it up. Guess it works out that way. I am excited to be going to Garden Ridge tonight to get some chairs for our front porch. I have been wanting to do that since the first hint of warm weather. We've looked a few times but what we found was either too expensive or not comfortable enough. Garden Ridge has their patio furniture on sale so we're hoping to find something adequate enough to put out there. I just love getting out of the house for a while. I'm kind of in the mood to cook. I'm sure the mood will pass by the time James gets home for dinner :) but I think I might try to find a fun recipe.


Bliss04 said...

oh, i just want you to have those babies! hang in there!

i love Garden Ridge!

G & H said...

Thank you so much for your sweet post on my blog!

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Congratulations on your little guys! I can't wait to sit down and read thru your story but for now bed time :)

D and S said...

I know it can be really hard to think of those babies beside yourself. My story is very very similar to yours, however, I only made it to 32 weeks and my liver and kidney's started to fail. Be thankful that they are where they need to be and soon they will be out in the world and you will wish for those feelings of them being in the womb back. Your story is awesome, I love to read about it. My boys are now 7 and after a few rough years are now healthy as ever!!! Goodluck with the delivery.