Thursday, June 11, 2009

35 Weeks

I realize that for our pregnancy the 35 wk/35 days left to go milestone doesn't mean the same for us, but it's still a milestone I'm happy to see! There for a while we didn't know if we'd make it to this point so I'm thrilled that we are at 35 weeks. The doctors want to see us hit one more week but overall, if they come now, they'll be happy the boys held on so long. 35 wks is the average for twins so if they come now, we fit right along with that. For some reason I just don't think average is good enough for them because it feels like they're not coming out for a while longer.
We are off restrictions now so I'm not confined to the couch. We've been trying to do more hoping it will coax them out. Granted I can't do too much because I get tired easily and my feet swell up and become uncomfortable. I feel like Rachel in FRIENDS season 8 where she's over due and just looks down at her belly and yells, "Get out Get out Get out!" :) I love feeling them in there but I'm ready to hold them now. I had a dream last night that we delivered and I was holding them and it felt so incredibly real. I'm ready for that!

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Jessica said...

Congrats on getting to 35wks!! The nursery is sooo cute. I hope you get to hold them in your arms soon!!