Sunday, June 14, 2009


Today has been interesting. I walked a ton yesterday and had a lot of irregular contractions, but they were contractions that I could feel and that's great. Most of the contractions I've had, I have not been able to feel them so this is one step in the right direction. Our plan to "walk out the babies" didn't work, but I feel a step closer. From all the walking yesterday, today I just felt sore and exhausted. I have been somewhat lazy today. However, when I started doing my daily blog check, I decided to hop on Kelly's Korner and look at the room of the week, which was bathrooms. Of course while doing that I got a bug to clean my bathroom and it made me want to decorate. Sadly, after we moved into our house in October, I have been extremely slow to really decorate the house. We moved in mid October, first week of November found out we were pregnant and I've been so focused on that, the only room in our house that got any attention was the nursery, of course. So it figures that I'm waiting to go into labor any second and I get the urge to decorate. I'm guessing it has a lot to do with nesting, but I also feel ashamed that I haven't put more effort into making our house feel homey. I know James doesn't care, but I know people will be stopping by a lot initially after the boys are home and I want my house to be nice and complete when they're here.

Tomorrow we have our next DR appointment. James said his main question is when will they induce. He's so cute and excited. I love it! I'm also ready as well so I'm definitely interested in the answer. When they admitted me into the hopsital they said 36 weeks was our goal, which is this Thursday. I'm curious if they will think of inducing any time after or if they'll be more interested in seeing us get close to 38 weeks. I know as a woman I'm built for this, however, I honestly don't know how much longer my body can tolerate everything. Guess I just need to muster up some strength. It's not about me, it's all about them. It's just easy to get wrapped up in all the discomfort and get distracted from the fact that the longer they're in, the better it is for them.


Shannon said...

I know these last few weeks are hard but I am so very proud of you Jeannie, you are doing great and your boys will be SO worth the wait.

Praying for you daily!

Bliss04 said...

gl at your appt! you're doing great!