Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Welcome to Parenthood

We've had our fussy issues but it was mostly an afternoon/evening thing and the nights went well. They'd feed every 2-3 hours and we'd sleep between. Last night was a totally different story. I feel like it was our christening into parenthood because you hear some horror stories about babies staying up all night crying and the parents not knowing what to do/how to handle it. That was us last night. I'd feed them and they'd fall asleep and no sooner than we put Ethan down, he was screaming. We'd pick him up, get him to quiet down and eventually fall asleep. The next attempt at putting him down, he'd wake up immediately and start crying. He was fed, dry, burped and we weren't sure why he was crying. I was on Ethan duty because James had reached his limit and was trying to get some sleep since he's working today. I had only had about an hour of real sleep (I had been dozing off every time I'd try to get Ethan to sleep in the rocker) at this point. I decided to take him downstairs and I had him cradled in my arms and I laid down on the couch and he feel asleep within about 5 minutes and I did as well shortly after. This was at 7 am and about 9 I heard Lucas crying. It was feeding time. 3 hours of sleep. Man oh man!!

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Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

Oh hon, I hope it gets better for you. I just couldn't imagine doing it with 2 - I can barely imagine what 1 will be like. We'll be there soon, though - only 4 weeks to go. Yikes!!