Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Doctor's Visits

Last Tuesday we had our first trip to the pediatrician. I really liked the doctor. She asked us to come back for a weight check in one week....that would be today. We go in today and find out that both boys are down in weight. Ethan lost 4 oz and Lucas 5oz. I know it's not my fault, but I feel bad. They have a good supply of wet and poopy diapers so their not dehydrated, they just aren't getting enough to eat. The dr recommended a lactation consultant so I called her as soon as we got home. She called me back a little later and had an opening so I called James home from work and we went. She was super helpful. We have a few things we're going to try, but we will no longer be feeding just breast. We'll be supplementing formula and pumping more often. She seemed to think that the 36 hrs I missed right after they were born with no pumping or breastfeeding along with the high blood pressure affected my supply. We're going to work on increasing supply but it is frustrating. We go back Thursday for another weight check (another set of two copays, UGH) and I'm praying their weights are up a bit.

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