Friday, July 31, 2009

So Much to Remember

I wish I had time or felt up to blogging every time something happens so it's fresh in my mind, but it doesn't work out that way. I'm going to attempt to remember everything that has happened since last week....

Last Thursday we took a trip to the Summit (an outside mall) to meet James for lunch and walk/shop. I took my MIL with me for help and for company. We ate outside at Qdoba and while James was inside ordering, several people swarmed around asking questions and telling us how cute they were. That made me happy :) After lunch we went to Old Navy and I got a little stretchy jersey dress to wear to my cousin's wedding. Then we just walked around and got some exercise. We did walk in a few stores but I left with just the dress so my wallet was very happy. Thursday night we went to Papaw & Mamaw's house (my dad & stepmom) for my belated birthday dinner. It was nice to get a homecooked meal and get out of the house.
Saturday night James and I were able to watch a whole movie without interruption because the boys slept almost 4 hours!!! So exciting.

Sunday night the boys slept 5 hours during the night without waking up. It was amazing to get over 4 hours of sleep. Thankfully, I didn't wake up anticipating their waking....I was able to sleep!

Tuesday I gave Lucas a bath all by myself without any help because James was taking care of Ethan after his bath.

Yesterday (Thursday) we discovered that Ethan can hold his head up for quite a while. James had put E on his shoulder and he just held his head right up with no problem. Today James did the same thing and E held his head up and pulled it back so that he was face to face with his daddy. It was so adorable. I have to get it on camera!! Lucas is our little gripper. He holds on to things like a little muscle man.

I don't remember what day it was but I tried on my engagement ring and it fit. It's still a bit snug, but I was able to get it on and I'm super happy. I took it back off because it does stick up off my finger so I'm going to keep it off for a while so that I don't scratch one of the boys. Until then my wedding ring goes solo.

Papaw & Mamaw are here right now and Papaw is holding Lucas and said he was holding on to Papaw's fingers trying to pull himself up. My baby boys are growing so much. It's amazing to watch! I promise to get new pics up asap. We're taking them to my cousin's wedding tomorrow so I plan to get tons of pictures. I can't wait to get pics of them in their little plaid overalls :)

I plan to take some time to write out all the things I've felt and what's going on with me as a mom, but I was so excited about this I didn't want to wait. I am only 4lbs away from my prepregnancy weight. Of course I have more that I want to lose. I'd like to go about another 20-25lbs. James & I discussed getting a gym membership. I just need to get the stroller out, hook them in, and walk walk walk around the neighborhood. When I push myself too hard, my incision area starts to hurt so I'm still trying to ease into it. I get excited thinking about getting back to a resemblance of normal. I know its going to take a long while, but it's exciting.


Shannon said...

awww I cant wait to see the pics of the overalls!! too cute!! Farmers in training?? :-)
And congrats on losing the weight!!! Thats awesome, your doing a great job hun!

Becky said...

love, love the pictures, thanks!

The Lane Family said...

I loved this post because I remember feeling that the first 6 months of the girls lives just flew and I was trying to remember everything and right everything down but who has time? I found that I took a ton of pictures, I am finally getting a little time to scrapbook them and I am so glad I just took tons of pictures.

The other thing that helped was the blog, I would write things like you do to trigger my memory and the other thing was I used my calender to right little tidbits (like first smile, roll etc.) and then I can go back and see when all that occurred when life gets more into a routine.

Enjoy those beautiful boys!!