Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1 Month Old

I can't believe my precious little ones are 1 month(6/20-I started writing this on Tues but didn't get a chance to finish and post). I can't believe how quickly the time has past. It really doesn't feel like I was in the hospital in labor a month ago. It's amazing how much I have changed, how much our lives have changed. I'm so filled with love :) In celebration of our little brownies, we had 1 month old birthday brownies :)

We've had a few firsts during this 1 month. Very proud of them.
*I didn't document this but both umbilical cords fell off on my birthday, July 5th.
*Friday, during the day, Ethan had his first real smile. I was talking to him and he smiled a very big smile. It was in response to me, not to gas like the other little "fake" smiles we've been seeing. I teared up because it was just so sweet. He did it again Saturday night but daddy missed it.
*Friday night Lucas rolled over twice. We made sure both arms were out to the side and he sure enough rolled right over. Of course by the time I grabbed the camera he was finished.
*Sunday James clipped their nails for the first time. Man did they need it too!
*Tuesday was the 1 month check up which went well. Afterwards I went on my first outing without the babies. I went to Wal-Mart for about an hour. As I finished up, I was beginning to get sad and was ready to go. I also bought my first shirts (3) that were not maternity!! It felt great :)
*Wednesday they had their first down in the water bath. It went ok. I tried to film it but Lucas screamed too much.

I have a couple of new pics to post but I haven't had time to upload them.


Becky said...

your boys are so gorgeous!! You went through a lot to bring them into the world, you rock!! I'm not sure i could of went through what you did, so i bow down to you!!!

keep up the good work!!

The Lane Family said...

Wow a month old already!! I am glad all is going well and that you are enjoying being a mommy and even get a little time out!!