Friday, July 3, 2009

Bad Habits Already??

We have had a lot of visitors since coming home from the hospital. We love that everyone is so excited to meet and hold the boys. I love showing them off because they are absolutely the most precious babies I've ever seen :) When friends and family come over to visit of course they want to hold the babies. Who wouldn't?!? However, since people are holding them between feedings, the boys are getting used to being held while they sleep. Now we're finding that after feeding when it's time to put them down for sleepy time they seem to wake up and cry cry cry until we pick them up. Once we pick them up they seem content and stop crying. Is it too early for them to learn such a bad habit? Well, when they're being held by visitors it's usually not just a short amount of time. We're talking about being held for a good 2 hours. Maybe it's my fault because I didn't expect or anticipate this happening. Maybe it's totally unrelated, but when they get like that we're not sure what to do. We talked to the pediatrician and she said they are too young to let them just cry it out-to pick them up for now. So where does that leave us? Will they out grow this? Do you have any suggestions?

Tomorrow we're having a cookout for the 4th/my birthday. There will be my family and his family here. That's a lot of people wanting to hold the babies. For some reason, that makes me nervous. Sigh!


Shannon said...

Its your birthday today? Happy Birthday Jeannie!!
Sorry I dont have any advice for you right now about them picking up bad habits. Would it be possible for you to limit the amount of time ppl hold them? I know that may upset ppl but they are not the ones that are up with the boys through out the night either.
Im thinking of you!!
Have a fantastic day!

Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

It will get better once you get on a routine and the visitors dwindle down. Happy Birthday!!!!

Lindsey said...

I totally thought the same thing, our first night home we tried to have Bria sleep in her bassinette the whole night and it was a disaster. Little newborns are use to being warm and cuddled in a womb so being out in the big world is scary. Hold them all you can! They really will grow out of it but it's just too soon right now. And Happy birthday!

Bliss04 said...

i read in a book that wherever babies are used to sleeping the most, especially during the day, that they believe that place is their bed and where they're supposed to be sleeping. so if they're sleeping in someone's arms, that's where they think the correct place to get some shut eye is. the only way to transition them out of it is to put them down while they are sleepy (not sleeping) so they learn to fall asleep in the correct place on their own. although right now you do not have normal circumstances, so you'll probably have to choose from not saying anything to your visitors, or explaining your situation and giving them a time limit to holding them. Jeannie, the best and most important advice i can give you from my experiences so far is to read up on baby sleep! i did not know that babies don't know how to fall asleep, understand when they are sleepy, and all sorts of stuff like that! reading "The Baby Whisperer" has saved my life! i know you're probably really busy right now, but if you can at least read the section of the book covering infant and newborn sleeping, it will seriously save your sanity (and marriage!) i just can't stress enough how important is has been to us that we read that book. so good luck, and i hope all turns out well! let me know if you need ANYTHING!!