Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Things My Kids Say

Welcome to this week's edition of Things My Kids Say!! Please leave a comment with the funny things your kids say. Share the laugh!

*Lucas told me my hair was blue so I corrected him and said my hair is brown. Then he said my hair is "pee pee!" He's done this several times. He thinks it's just the funniest thing.

*The guy across the street was taking his dog out and Bailey was at the window barking like crazy. Ethan ran to the window and said, "Hush Bailey, it's just Roxie". So grown up!

*Ethan got a hold of Bailey's Halloween dog collar managed to somehow get it on, attached the leash (in a matter of like 10 sec) and came up to me and said, "Mommy, let's go for a walk!"

*I was laying Lucas down for a nap and handed him the book he asked for. His response, "That's perfect!"

*We have developed a fascination with Spiderman. One day after watching an episode, Ethan put his shoes on and told me, "I'm off to help Spiderman catch the lizard!"

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