Saturday, February 11, 2012

Story Time

Our local library, as many do, has story time each week for little ones. We started going last winter and the boys seemed to enjoy it, though they weren't very interactive. It's a mix of songs and stories, bubble chasing and an activity. When it restarted after taking summer break off, we didn't start back. We did decide to return after Christmas break though. I am so glad we did.

Because they are older and not as shy, they seem to be enjoying it so much more. They sing along and even want to sing the library songs at home. When Miss Shannon asks questions or we play an interactive game, they participate. They ask questions and sometimes talk to the other kids, which they never did before. The best part is seeing Lucas in his element. Lucas LOVES books. Love isn't a big enough word for how he feels about books. If there is a chance to trade in a kids meal toy for a book, he doesn't even think twice about it. He takes books everywhere he goes, even to the library. He just can't be without a book. After story time, he will go and sit at a bookcase and look through books and pick a few out and read to himself. I decided to start checking a few out, despite their destructive nature with books. They take very good care of library books and think it's super cool to have a book from the library. The sweetest part was when we got home Wednesday, Ethan sat down in his chair, picked up a book and said "I'm Miss Shannon" and started reading. I love that they enjoy books and being at the library. I just love watching them grow into little people.

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