Monday, February 13, 2012

Super Excited

Thirty years old. That's right my friends (if you're still out there). James turned 30 at Christmas and I turn 30 in July. In honor of this special milestone birthday we decided to do something fun. So come the end of September, you can find us here:

On the Freedom of the Seas sailing around the Caribbean. Who's excited?? That would be this girl!! We did a cruise for our honeymoon and enjoyed it very much. We did say, though, that if we ever cruised again we'd definitely go with another couple, and we shall. James's work wife (as I call him) Paul and his fiance Donna will be married this week. They decided to cruise also as a honeymoon/vacation. It's going to be so much fun. Waiting until September will be rather hard. To help keep track of the time, I installed a countdown on my phone so I know exactly how many days until I'm soaking up the sun on the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean!
There is a silver lining in waiting. There is plenty of time to shape up. I have lost weight since having the boys but my body isn't in a shape that I'm happy with. Since we booked the cruise last night, today has been a different kind of day. I am happy to make changes instead of putting it off for another day. I finally opened the Wii Zumba I got for Christmas. Man am I glad no one was here to watch me :) I've also been putting my Pinterest to use and started doing some target area exercises I pinned. We stocked up on fresh fruit and healthful snacks so that I can be better about the choices I make with food. It's about being healthy and the cruise just happens to give me a tangible goal to work towards but I want to make these life changes. So I may talk about exercising (gasp I know), food or preparing for the cruise in the midst of bragging about my bubbas. Please indulge me. I also do better with an accountability system so feel free to check in on me and ask how I'm doing. Might be a good motivator!! 230 days to go!

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