Monday, February 6, 2012

Back From Hiatus

I took some time off from blogging. There were a lot of things going on, projects I was getting in to and time was limited. Blogging was the first thing to go. As the boys become more and more animated, I feel it is necessary to once again take to the computer to capture the special moments. I hope, if you're still out there, you'll come along with me.

Let me fill you in on the last several months at our house.
*In August, James & I celebrated 5 years of marriage with a trip to one of our favorite destinations: Charleston.

*September, I revitalized an old desk & chair and got down to the bare bones to bring it back to life. It's not the focal point in my art room (which will hopefully one day be another nursery)

*October brought Halloween. The boys were Santa Claus and Frosty. Nope, I did not pick out those costumes. From then on, Lucas referred to himself (and still does on occasion) as Santa.

*November, I began working hard on all the homemade Christmas gifts. I helped throw Jean a baby shower (my partner on Designs by Muah). We had a few craft shows as Designs by Muah. A very busy month.

*December, we finished out our craft shows. I finished up work on Christmas gifts. James had probably the biggest case of his career. My FIL had double hernia surgery. We had a wonderful Christmas that ended with Lucas tumbling down the stairs, me screaming, everyone having a jumping reaction to that which in turn landed my FIL back at the hospital. James turned 30 so we followed the Cardinals down to Charlotte NC for the bowl game and swung by Charleston since we were down there. Jean had sweet baby Davis the night before we returned from our trip. Lastly, we celebrated my moms birthday on New Years Eve, which thankfully was a quiet evening for us.

*January we began potty training. It was my plan to do so, but Ethan decided he was ready and started taking his diaper off the moment it was wet. We haven't looked back. We are still in the midst of it. I'll fill you in on potty training with two soon. By the end of January, we were finally starting to break Lucas of wearing the Santa hat he had become extremely attached to.

So that's where we are. It's February. Valentine's is quickly approaching and Breaking Dawn is released on DVD this Friday. We've had a lot of hilarious moments over the last few months and I know as they continue to grow and learn, it will only get more entertaining around here! So stick around.

Here are just a few pictures of us over the last few months.

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