Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!! 12 weeks

Today marks the start of a new year and we hit 12 weeks! I hope everyone had a great NYE and that 2009 is a great year for you. It is going to be a very interesting year for us. Experiencing pregnancy of twins, the birth of them, and of course, raising twins. We're both looking so forward to it though!

Our little ones are now the size of plums. I've never liked plums but today, I'm a big fan. They are definitely growing and because of that, so is my belly. I was so UNCOMFORTABLE at work yesterday in my jeans. My favorite gap jeans have stuck with me but it is time to retire them for now. I had to walk around work with a rubberband around the button of my jeans because it was almost impossible to have them buttoned after lunch. It was at that point that I realized it's time to move in to maternity pants full time. I did get a few gift cards to Motherhood Maternity and plan to go spend them on Saturday. James and I are going to spend the day shopping for clothes and decor for our house. I'm excited. I did take a few belly shots today, but unfortunately only one came out. It was one James took. I just can't seem to make them work in the mirror so he's officially in charge of those pictures. I'll post the one he took and a few others, they just may be blurry but you can totally see the belly sticking out.

The one in the middle with the hand, that's James. He's a proud papa!!

Opinions....I know everyone has one but it baffles me as to why everyone feels entitled to share. I was at work Tuesday and we had a new patient come in for an evaluation. They tell me at work I have baby brain because I seem to be easily distracted and in my own world sometimes. Well, one of the therapists was walking the patient and his wife up to my office because I had something for them to sign and she was telling them I forgot to have them sign it earlier because I had baby brain b/c I am pregnant with twins. Well, our rehab aide was standing in my office next to me, while we were both on lunch, and the lady asked her when she was due. Becky was PISSED! I would've been too. Well I told her I was due in June and she was like, Oh you're the one pregnant. She proceeded to talk about her three pregnancies and blah blah. I tuned her out. I happened to be eating a McDonald's cheeseburger (no onions) and she thought it necessary to tell me I really needed to be eating healthier and that my babies wouldn't appreciated McDonald's. Well, let's just say this did not make me happy AT ALL. I gave her a look, turned around and decided to let Becky handle the rest and ignored her. After they left, I said loudly strangers should keep their unappreciated and unasked for opinions to themselves. I don't know if she heard me, but I hope she did. I know people are going to offer information and opinions to me that I do not want, however, I expect this from people I know, not total strangers. Oh well. I wanted to say something but I chose to keep my job instead and kept my mouth shut until she left.

James is hoping that in the 2nd trimester, I am not as hormonal or moody :) We'll see :) It's not been directed at anyone really, I just don't have time for stupidity. I do find it somewhat harder to filter/sensor myself. I also find myself using the bathroom a lot. I'm trying to drink lots of water because I feel thirsty a lot and of course it runs right through me so it's at least every hour, especially at work. I joked around saying they needed to build me my own bathroom in my closet so I didn't have to walk to the back of the clinic to go. Sometimes I have to run to get there b/c it hits so fast. It's going to be very interesting in the 3rd tri when I'm going every 5 minutes.


Becky said...

Yes that customer was way out of order!! What a jerk! I'm not a big fan of fast food, but these days the Mcd's big mac is really satisfying to me. I'm glad i work from home because if i had to see customers every day and some made comments like that i dont' think i could hold it together very well!! You did a good job, nice pictures!

Shannon said...

Ohhhh look at you, I love it! You look great!

And that customer? People need to learn to shut their mouths. I hear more nonsense come out of people's mouths because I work with the public every day so I try to let it roll of my back. But it doesnt make it less annoying! When I am pg, Im not going to quit an occasional (or sometimes frequent) double cheeseburger! :)

Shannon said...

Umm that customer was WAY out of go ahead and enjoy your McDonalds :-)
I love your belly pictures! You look so cute! P.S. where did you get your pants? I love them

Tell James he did a great job taking the pictures:-)

Marijana said...

Ugh--some people have absolutely no tact whatsoever.

I can definitely see the bump! You look great!

Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

Happy New Year!! Your pics look great! I'm only 9 weeks and ready for new clothes. Mine are definitely starting to get tighter, I'm down to just a few pairs of jeans I can still wear. I'm not quite ready for maternity clothes, but probably just a size up from where I am now. You enjoy your McD's whenever you want - you have to give in to those cravings, they are there for a reason. Ignore the idiots that try giving you advice - that was the first piece of advice my doc gave to me. :)

Katie said...

I totally know what you mean about the comments from strangers - I had one person tell me I was having a girl because I had gained all my weight in my butt. How can a strager, who didn't know what my pre-pg butt looked like, tell I gained weight in my butt?

Oh, and for me at least, the bathroom trips have been less frequent starting around 13 weeks - so here's to hoping you see the same!!